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Wood Planters

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In celebration of National Craft Month, I decided to step away from the kitchen. Put down the hammer. And, well, craft! I made these gorgeous wood planters using some thrift store finds.

Use old salad bowls from the thrift store to make these gorgeous wood planters for faux succulents!

Seriously, the hanging one turned out better than I expected! And who would have thought these started out as 35 cent salad bowls from the thrift store that I picked up about 2 years ago!?

wooden bowls

To make the one into a wall planter, I used a thin piece of 1/4″ luan thatI found in our scrap pile. I turned the bowl upside down and traced around the edge. Then using a ruler, I made a line right down the middle.

wood bowl trace

I used my jigsaw to cut out the shape, and then used wood glue to attach it to the bowl. Make sure you keep track of which edge you traced, because since these are wood bowls, they are not always even the whole way around. I let the wood glue overnight and put 2 bricks on top of it for some weight.

The next morning, after your glue is nice and dried, it’s time to paint! Pick your favorite color (I am a bold color girl all the way), and paint the outside of your bowls. I think these would look gorgeous in a pale blue as well.

After that paint was dry, I chose to paint the rim in copper. I tried to show you in the picture below, the difference between leaving it raw wood or painting it copper. I think it gives it a nice touch!

wood bowl copper trim

Then just fill with some Spanish moss and your faux succulents. I purchased mine at Michael’s and love how real they look!  For a forgetful person like me, fake plants are smart choice for sure!

To hang the one planter on the wall, I just used one 3M strip. It’s been hanging now for over a week without budging at all! Because you aren’t filling these with dirt, it really is very light!

Use an old salad bowl from a thrift store to create this gorgeous succulent planter for the wall!

I swear, I could just stare at them all day! That blue against the green of the succulents makes my heart all aflutter!

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Life with Kaishon

Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

I didn't even know it was National Craft Month! LOVE your planters! Very pretty color! Great idea!

Jen Goode

Thursday 17th of March 2016

Brilliant idea, thank you for sharing! I always see these cool wood bowls and plates at the thrift store, I never would have thought to turn them into planters. Love!

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