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Wood Burning Class with Walnut Hollow

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Make and Take session

I’m officially back and rested from my weekend at the Philly Home and Garden Show! Why does it feel like it takes me a day to recover from 3 days away!?

I couldn’t wait to share with you guys about the Make and Take session I led, though! This was a big move for me and a huge step out of my comfort zone. Well, kinda.

wood burning participants 3

I’m one of those people who stresses leading up to it, works myself into a frenzy, feels like it’s out of my comfort zone AND then I arrive and LOVE IT and want to do it all over again!!

I’m a blast to be around… just ask my husband! Or ask Evey from Evey’s Creations, because that girl has seen me in action (public transportation schedules can really get my heart racing!), and still keeps right on steppin’ up to help me through it!

wood burning participants 7

And she pulled through again for the Walnut Hollow wood burning session I led at the Philly Show this past weekend! There were only 15 slots for each Make and Take session, but at one point it felt like we had about 60 people hovering around the tables and booth, and I was so grateful to have her there to help answer questions, distribute materials and keep my daughter entertained (you can see the two of them in the background up there, just yapping away)!

wood burning participants 4


The 15 slots for my wood burning class with Walnut Hollow filled up fast, and I was tickled that only 2 people had ever touched a wood burning tool before. And they said that was very minimal. I’m always a fan of introducing people to new materials and tools, and I loved that we were pretty much all starting off on the same foot!

wood burning participants 6

The session was only about 50 minutes total, so the attendees had to learn and learn fast. I brought samples of some wood slices and frames that I had made up ahead of time so they could see the different tips and how you would use them. I even threw in this cute little business card holder that I made the night before in my hotel room!

wood burning card holder

I also brought wood scraps for them to practice on before they moved on to their final piece. The Basswood rounds and planks that Walnut Hollow provided were so gorgeous, I didn’t want them jumping right to that and messing them up!

Walnut Hollow wood burning station

Walnut Hollow was also kind enough to provide some Alphabet Tips sets for the class participants to try out! This is a great way for beginners to feel more comfortable using a wood burning tool, but still turn out a gorgeous project!

Walnut Hollow supplies

Neither of these ladies had ever touched a wood burning tool before the class, and they made these start to finish in about 45 minutes! In addition to using the alphabet stamps, they also loved the tip that transferred laser printed images right onto the wood slices. I provided a ton of laser images for them to try out and it was a big hit!

wood burning examples

I did a quick 5 minute intro on the wood burning kits and some of the accessories I had brought. And now I present to you the only photo my 12 year-old got where I’m actually in the shot! Lovely, eh??

wood burning demonstration

And while all of you reading this at home couldn’t be there, I’m hoping you’ll grab your own kit and try this at home. It takes a bit of getting used to the pressure and angles you should use, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and then it is so much fun!

wood burning participants 1

Plus, the kits come with very easy-to-understand and helpful tips. Walnut Hollow was also kind enough to send along lots of information for the class participants to help them feel more comfortable with the products.

Walnut Hollow marketing materials

And just look at how gorgeous finished products are! After having never touched a wood burning tool before?? I know I keep saying that, but I was just so amazed!!

wood burning

People peering over shoulders and stopping by the booth kept saying the same thing! They couldn’t get over that these people just walked up, sat down and started making these so quickly! One guy practically accused me (in a semi-nice way!) of planting experienced wood burners in my class! I promise I didn’t… these products are just that easy to use!

wood burning participants 2

Be sure to check back tomorrow for tips and tutorials on how I made my projects! And to see even more inspiration!

wood burning samples

Looking for more wood art? Be sure to check out Walnut Hollow on:







Seriously, their Instagram account is one of my favorites!! So much eye candy!!