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Easy Doily Christmas Tree Kids Crafts

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A paper doily Christmas tree craft is a fun and easy holiday craft that kids of all ages can make. Learn how you or your kids can make an easy paper doily Christmas tree decoration for your window.

A few years ago at the bakery, I had a guy pop his head in the door and yell “I just wanted to say congratulations!”. 

I was seriously dumbfounded. I could not for the life of me think of what he was congratulating me for! 

When I asked what he meant, he said “For your doily Christmas tree! I’ve never seen that before and it’s great!”, and then he scurried out and closed the door behind him!

A bit strange, but you know what? I like my doily Christmas tree too!!

A paper doily Christmas tree taped to the window of a bakery window.

It’s so cheap and easy to make, and there are so many variations that make great Christmas crafts for kids, too.

Because it’s hard to find homemade Christmas crafts that are fun, simple, beautiful, AND easy for kids to help with, I thought I’d share how to make these holiday crafts, and a few fun ideas for variations.

Easy Paper Doily Christmas Trees for Kids

Christmas crafts are a fantastic Christmas family tradition. And this is one you can do year over year!

Paper Christmas crafts are always a great choice for kids holiday crafts. Paper is cheap and easy to find, so kids can get as creative or crazy as they want when working with paper!

To make my doily Christmas tree, I bought a bunch of packs of paper doilies. I found them in a local shop, but there are plenty of gorgeous options at Amazon that would work great too. The key is to buy a pack with lots of different sizes.

Once I picked out which paper doilies to use, I arranged them in a Christmas tree shape on my window, and used clear Scotch Tape to attach them to the window.

Voila! That was easy. And because it’s so cheap, you can make as many Christmas trees as you want!

Variations on My Paper Doily Christmas Tree

Doilies make a beautiful Christmas decoration, and I love that you can use either store bought or homemade paper doilies for these Christmas crafts.

There are a ton of different variations on this easy kids Christmas craft.

  • Let your child draw a picture on each paper doily before arranging them into a Christmas tree shape on your window. This is a great way to get very young children involved – even toddlers with a crayon could participate!
  • Paint each doily green, and use puffed glitter paint to add Christmas ornaments to the Christmas tree.
  • Use colored, patterned, or metallic paper doilies instead of plain white.
  • Make your own doilies! Paper doilies are super easy to cut yourself, and kids from around kindergarten age and up can do it! All you need is regular printer paper and some scissors. You simply fold, and make cuts along the fold, just like when making paper snowflakes!

Final Thoughts on This Easy Paper Christmas Craft

I have fond memories of using a paper doily for different crafts in my own childhood, and it’s fun to share the tradition with future generations this holiday.

I hope my Christmas tree display has inspired you to make a fun and easy paper doily Christmas tree with your own family!