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Wicker Couch Makeover- Before & After

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I can’t wait to share this wicker couch makeover- before & after with you! Can you even believe this is where it started!?!

sunroom wicker couch before after

I host Easter at my house every year.  Every.Single.Year.

The only way this is possible is because I have a sunroom right off the main living area of my house (which is SMALL and we need that extra space!).  I always know Easter is coming, I know I will be the host house and I know there will be about 40 people showing up.

So this past Easter, I had about 2 weeks until the big holiday was upon us and I got antsy.  Like weirdly ridiculously antsy and I started listing stuff all over a local yardsale group on Facebook.  I just had had enough of seeing certain things, and while the kids were at school and my husband was at work, I started posting all my pictures.  Things were flying out the door that day!  It was so freeing!  I was just giddy watching it all go and seeing spaces open up in my house!

For the 7 years that we’ve lived in this house, I’ve had 4 wicker chairs in the sunroom. They were nice and served their purpose, but I was just tired of them!  I bought them for $15 each at a yardsale, so they didn’t come to me in the best shape to begin with, and I always just felt like they looked lined up against all the walls.  They weren’t exactly the most comfortable for me to curl up on and read my books either.  I was craving a couch out here!  Really wanted a couch for years, but the sunroom gets lots of bugs so I didn’t want a big upholstered piece.  But I just wasn’t moving on it. I had these chairs, so I had no motivation to go find my couch.

Until that day in April!  Those chairs were outta here!  My son was actually sitting on one when the lady showed up, and I shoved him off and helped her carry those babies out of there!

Then the panic set in.

My son was completely bewildered and couldn’t figure out what was happening.  There was now nothing to sit on, and Easter was 2 weeks away. I hadn’t stopped to think about that for 2 minutes.  That’s all I heard all night from the 3 of them, “What are we doing for Easter?? What will people be sitting on at Easter??”.

So the next morning, I was driving to work and a neighbor had just set this out for the trash!

sunroom wicker couch before after

I have a pretty set rule that I won’t pick up anything with pillows or stuffing, but this was a neighbor and I literally watched her setting it out, so I felt pretty safe with it!  But, guys, it was ROUGH!

sunroom wicker couch cushions before

sunroom wicker couch before

Even the frame was pretty chipped up and needed covered pronto!

sunroom wicker couch before after side

I started by spray painting the frame, and then chose to recover the couch in a painter’s drop cloth!  I looked at patterned fabric and just thought it was a bit much and was worried it would get faded by the sun very quickly (the outdoor fabrics were out of my price range!).  The drop cloth was much more in my budget and now I can funk it up with different pillows.  I paid about $30 total for all the “fabric” for the couch.  I tried using my staple gun but it just wasn’t catching on anything, so I ended up hot gluing everything to the frame!  That’s it, just hot glue!

sunroom couch wicker painting canvas

At this point, we were about a week away from Easter (also my BUSY season at work), so I enlisted my brother’s girlfriend to sew the cushion covers for me!  She showed up at Easter with her side dish and the cushions!  That’s not cutting it close or anything, right??  No worries, we had seating and it was so PRETTY!!

sunroom wicker couch after

Not bad for about $40 total in supplies, eh?

sunroom wicker couch pillow blue green

sunroom wicker couch table after

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In the meantime, be sure to pin this post so you have inspiration for your next DIY project!

wicker couch makeover




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Monday 20th of April 2015

Natalie, love what you did with the wicker! I would definitely go with chalk paint on the little hutch--something in a creamy white. Accent the curves on the bottom apron and carved area on the top apron and is it flowers or circles on the apron with gold or a golden color. For the rug, you might look for one that has colors similar to the painting on your little hutch. I think that little painting with its bright and happy colors can be your starting point. You have great taste. Good luck on finishing your sunroom.


Monday 13th of April 2015

I'm not usually a fan of painting wood furniture, BUT, it looks as if that hutch has already been painted before. You've got a variety of colors going on already, so how about instead of adding a new color you paint that hutch a really deep, darker shade of the blue you used on the couch?


Monday 1st of September 2014

You gave this a totally new look! You were smart to save money by using drop cloths rather than fabric and you know it will be durable.