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Vinyl Front Door “Curtains”

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after front door vinyl curtains sidelight

I’m not a big “jump on the bandwagon” girl.  Eventually I get there, but it’s usually more of a slow stroll while I side-step puddles and meander my way along the path and might slide one butt cheek onto the edge of the bandwagon while I contemplate whether or not I’m in the mood for an entire ride that day.

Speaking of which, I just this year read the Harry Potter series and I’m still working my way up to watching Dead Poet’s Society and Top Gun.  Baby steps, people.

So, yeah, the whole chevron thing that most people are over, is just starting to grow on me now.  I’m not quite getting the name “chevron”, though.  It reminds me of cars.

You know what I do like??  Charlie Brown.  This pattern reminds me of Charlie Brown and I wish that would have been the name that stuck.  So today I am sharing my Charlie Brown sidelights that I made with my Silhouette!

This was my very first project ever with my Silhouette and, while there were a few little hiccups, I was so pleased with how easy it was to use!  I was using the Designer Edition Software, which lets you cut SVG files.  I knew I wanted a “Charlie Brown” pattern, because I was looking for something that would still let the sun in, but be busy enough that people on the street couldn’t sneak a quick peek at our craziness.  Trust me, there is a lot of craziness in this here house.

I created a Pinterest board with nothing but free SVG files, and hit the jackpot with this one from Fred She Said.

Silhouette SVG files


It was super easy to export an SVG file into Silhouette.


How to Cut SVG Files Using Silhouette Designer Edition:

  • Save the SVG file from the original source.  I set up a folder on my hard drive for SVG files.
  • Open Silhouette
  • Under File, click on “Import to my Library” and then select the file from the correct folder
  • Your page will still look blank. On the left sidebar, click on the “open book” icon that says “Show Library”
  • Under My Library, there will be a folder that says “My Designs”.  You should see your design there!  Just click on it and it will open on the blank page!
  • Have fun playing with your design!!

Fullscreen capture 792013 122326 PM

For my project, I had these sidelights on either side of my front door that were covered by these ugly sheer, bunchy curtains that came with the house.

before front door sidelights

I was never a fan of them.  They added nothing to the space and were starting to yellow.  Plus we were getting runners.  They’re not good on pantyhose or curtains.

All I did was measure my window openings, use the ruler in the Silhouette (the Designer Edition has an advanced ruler tool that makes this super easy), and then cut them out on vinyl.  I used my favorite transfer tape to transfer them to the window.  Here’s a little tip for you… the first panel I did, I tried to pull the transfer tape off from top to bottom and it took FOR-EVAH!!!  All those little points and tips were just not coming off smoothly.  For the second panel, I tried taking it off side to side and it went about 56 times as fast!  Go side to side for this pattern!!

chevron vinyl window silhouette

This wasn’t the fastest of projects.  I had 10 of these panels and it took me about 3.5 hours.  But don’t forget that this was my very first Silhouette project, so there was also a learning curve to factor into the time.  But it made such a big difference and I’m thrilled with it!

after front door vinyl sidelight curtains



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Friday 8th of November 2013

Do you need to have the Designer edition of Silhouette in order to use SVG files?


Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Great job for your first cut! It makes a huge difference in your windows! Plus it seems to let more light in too :) Gotta love our new Silhouette's! (I just won mine and got it two weeks ago! ) Fun times head!!!!

Bev @ Give me a paintbrush