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How to Use Cricut Patterned Iron On

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This easy tutorial for how to use Cricut patterned iron on will break it down into easy step by step instructions! You can use it on shirts, totes, banners and even wood!

How to use Cricut patterned iron on_

What is Cricut Patterned Iron On?

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like! It is iron on that has pattern to it! It’s what I used to make the cactus for the clutch in this post.

Cricut just released 9 new bundles of iron on with different patterns. Each bundle comes with 3 sheets with a different pattern on each sheet. You can see all of the different colors and designs HERE.

I love them because it gives the look of dimension without having to actually layer your iron on. So much easier to just do a single cut! Try and picture the clutch above if the cactus was just a solid blue or a solid green. It wouldn’t look nearly as cool as this watercolor effect iron on has.

Cricut watercolor patterned iron on

How to Use Cricut Patterned Iron On

You use it the same way you would their iron on lite! You can see some more tutorials for that in some of my basic t-shirt designs HERE and HERE.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Always be sure to mirror your design before sending it to your printer.
  • When you put the patterned iron on on your Cricut mat, you want it to go design side down. So the patterned side will face down and the white, textured side will face up.
  • Once your design is cut and weeded, you leave the plastic sheet on as a barrier for when you’re ready to iron it on.
  • Cricut advises not layer the patterned iron on. If your design includes multiple colors of iron on, use the slice toll to cut through your design so that it is still only one layer of patterned iron on.

Supplies to make personalized clutch with Cricut

Supplies to Make “Stay Wild” Make-up Bag

How to Use Templates in Cricut Design Space

How to Make Personalized Clutch Bag

You first need to log into Design Space. You can either create your own design or use the Stay Wild Cactus design that I used. Just open up that file by clicking HERE.

Be sure to check the exact dimensions of the bag you’re using. If you need to change the size, just click “Customize” when you’re opening the file and change the size in the top tool bar.  If the size it is works for you, then click “Make It”.

Once you have it sized correctly and opened up in the make it screen, be sure to hit “Mirror” on the left sidebar. Make sure the mirror function turns to green and your image reverses on the mat.

How to Mirror Images in Cricut Design Space for iron on

Place your patterned iron on on your green cutting mat. Remember to make sure the patterned side faces down and the white side faces up. Then load your mat into your machine.

Make sure the dial on your machine is set to “iron on”. Then hit continue on your computer screen. When the “Cricut C” button flashes on your machine, hit the button and let the machine do its thing!

Once your machine is done cutting, unload the mat and remove the iron on. Using your Weeding Tool, weed off all the excess iron on that is not part of your design.

how to weed patterned iron on

How to Use the Easy Press and Mat

Set the temperature on your Easy Press to 340 degrees. While it is warming up, place the Easy Press Mat on your table and then place the clutch on top of the mat.

Once the Easy Press is heated to 340 degrees, press it onto your clutch for about 5-10 seconds to warm it up.

Then place your design where you want it on your clutch. Make sure the shiny side is facing up.

how to use the Cricut Easy Press

Once you have the design where you’d like it, press it down firmly with the Easy Press. Hold the Easy Press down for 30-40 seconds (you can use the timer function built into the Easy Press).

How to use the Cricut Easy Press and Mat

Then flip your clutch over and press for about 15 seconds on the back of the clutch. Let your design cool and do a cool peel of the shiny sheet off of your design.

The patterned iron on should adhere completely to the clutch. If any part lifts up at all during your cool peel, put the shiny sheet back down and press again with the Easy Press.

How to use Cricut patterned iron on vinyl

And that’s all there is to it to have a fun, quirky little clutch or makeup bag to use for Spring!

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idea to use Cricut iron on

Be sure to PIN this project so you have it ready to go as soon as your canvas clutches show up!

How to use Cricut patterned iron on

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Saturday 14th of April 2018

That patterned iron-on vinyl is so, so pretty! And I really love your clutch design.

Pam Larmore - P.S. I Love You Crafts

Monday 9th of April 2018

I need to try the iron ons. You could really make lots of projects quickly with them. My EasyPress should be here any day!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Have fun! The EasyPress is a game changer!


Monday 9th of April 2018

The watercolor vinyl is so pretty! I can't wait to use it! I love the cactus design you picked.

Allison | Upright and Caffeinated

Monday 9th of April 2018

What a fun project! I love that patterned iron-on. I need to get some soon! Thanks for the idea and inspiration.