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Unicorn Trunk or Treat for Halloween

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This unicorn trunk or treat for Halloween came together so quickly and is perfect for fall festivals or church trunk or treats! The colors make it appeal to boys and girls, and keep it fun without being scary! We loved decorating for Halloween with a unicorn theme!

trunk or treat with unicorn and black and teal decorations

Everything started when Oriental Trading reached out and asked if I would partner with them to showcase their new line of skeletons! I had quite literally never seen a unicorn skeleton before so I jumped at the chance!

In fact, since my daughter is almost 16, we pretty much missed the whole unicorn party craze completely. But I figured I could get her on-board if it’s a skeleton decoration for Halloween!

black floral back drop with a skeleton, teal foil fringe and a letterboard with halloween poem

And I wasn’t wrong! She was right out there with me decorating and moving things around! She was the genius who had the idea to buy blood red flowers and stick them and some greens coming out of the unicorn. She wanted it to look like it was emerging from the forest after a looong time of being lost!

And I pretended that it was emerging just in time to party! LOL! 

So we set up a small table at the back of our van and started decorating for Halloween!

tray of red and black candy with a unicorn in the background for trunk or treat

The first step was hanging the black floral sheeting backdrop. As soon as I saw this on the Oriental Trading site, I knew it would be perfect for what I had in mind! 

Since it’s a unicorn-themed trunk or treat, I still wanted it to have some glitz and glam to it, but I still wanted to stay in the Halloween mindset. This black backdrop is all kinds of sparkle and shine and is SO big! 

It was wide enough to fit across the back of our van and then we just draped it over the table too so the whole thing would look uniform! And honestly, there was still a ton left in the roll so we could have done even more with it! I was a little nervous when I ordered it that it wouldn’t be enough but it was so much more than I expected (or needed!).

candy display for trunk or treat

We brought in the teal color with the foil fringe and tablecloth, because every good unicorn needs a splash of color!

The treats for the kids was the easy party, because every single thing is from Oriental Trading! As busy as life has been lately, I’m the biggest fan of 1-stop shopping!

gold and white swirl lollipops for unicorn party favors

donut tower for a Halloween party

white ceramic pumpkin with gold vinyl spider

Here’s what we needed to set-up our trunk or treat station:

Black Floral Sheeting Backdrop 
Natural Creepy Cloth
DIY Decorative Pumpkin Set 
Large Teal Foil Fringe Background 
Clear Donut Serving Stands 
Large Galvanized Tray with Handles 
Galvanized Vases 
Red Geranium Hanging Bush 
Black Foil Wrapped Caramels 
Red Foil Wrapped Caramels 
Red Candy Filled Straws 
Gold Mini Twist Lollipops 
Turquoise Plastic Tablecloth

And, of course, the UNICORN SKELETON!!

unicorn themed trunk or treat party for Halloween