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Tree Fort with a Swing!

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I may have briefly mentioned about 2 months ago that my husband had started working on a tree fort with a swing for my son.  It took a couple weekends for me to start seeing what was going on…

But one evening, my husband walked in and said it was all done and the kids were already up there playing!  I honestly thought this was going to be an all-summer long project, but the guy whipped it out fast (no gross jokes, this is a post about a kids’ tree fort, people!).

And then the little girl had a thing or two to say about it.

We officially took our swingset down at the end of last year, and let’s just say it hasn’t gone over the best with our daughter who apparently loves to just sit on a swing for hours, gently rocking back and forth.  Who knew??

The tree fort itself is mostly for my son and his friends since my daughter has her playhouse, but we did promise her a swing underneath the fort that she could hang out in to her little heart’s content.

She loves it!!!  We got the hammock chair from Hammock Pros which is part of Pro Home Stores and it is perfect! She is out here ALL.THE.TIME.

and then my husband and I started looking around on all their different sites and now we’re starting to get carried away. I want an outdoor rug for our sunroom in a bad way, but my hubby’s trying to negotiate for a tabletop patio heater.  Our favorite restaurant at the beach has them for the chilly beach nights, and now he’s insistent that we should have one as well!  While we are “discussing” which one is a better use of money, the winner girl is out there reading her Nancy Drew and lazily swinging away!

And, yes, my son actually loves his tree fort too!  I’m not sure how a post about his tree fort still turns into a story about her, but she has this way about her…

He has been up there every single day for the past 3 weeks or so and I’ve got a couple projects up my sleeve to add a little pizzazz up there for him!  Mostly, I’m just so proud of my husband!!!  He’s been wanting to do this and did a fabulous job.

For whatever reason, I’ve just been so amazed that he built the ladder!

Me: You really built that ladder by yourself without any plans?
Hubby: Yes, Natalie, I built the ladder that actually attaches to an entire deck in the sky that I also built.
Me: I know, but that ladder is so cool!

So for now, I stare at the ladder, Emma swings in her hammock, Stevie escapes up to his tree fort to ignore us all and hubby’s summer is shaping up to be mighty fine as he sits in the basement in an empty house.


We enjoyed this tree fort for about 4 years, until this past winter when we moved! The lady buying our house asked if we would take the tree fort down before we moved! So we obliged her and turned our tree fort into this gorgeous picnic table that is perfect for our patio at our new house!!

Come check out The Tutorial for how we built it!!

diy herringbone picnic table build

Stacy Risenmay

Thursday 5th of July 2012

That is fun! My boys want one so bad but we don't have a good tree for it. It looks so fun! I would be up there too :)

the cape on the corner

Tuesday 3rd of July 2012

how fabulous! i am sure your son will have a great time playing there and swinging there!


Monday 2nd of July 2012

I love it!! I wish we had a tree to put a fort in. I have fun memories of the small tree fort at my grandparent's home that my brother built haphazardly.

Anna@Directions Not Included

Monday 2nd of July 2012

So fun!! I always, always wanted tree fort. We don't have kids yet but I might need to get the hubby to build one just for me. Your kids are so lucky!

SkyBluPink Creations

Monday 2nd of July 2012

Love it! I also want to see more pics of your gorgeous green backyard!!