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Top Hersheypark Foods You Have to Eat

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In case you’re new here: this blog was originally founded by someone who has the good fortune of living close to Hersheypark!

I took over the site in 2020, but unfortunately don’t have said good fortune.

When I went to update this post, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the best Hersheypark foods – that you could make at home, in case you can’t make it to Hersheypark in person.

All the photos in this post are from the original post about visiting Hersheypark, and enjoying the best food at Hersheypark!

From over the top freak shakes to Reese’s funnel cakes to crabfries, one of the highlights of visiting an amusement park is trying some of the favorite local foods!

But if you can’t visit Hersheypark in person, it sounds like a blast to try to make some of these foods yourself at home!

Best Hersheypark Foods to Try (or Make Copycat Versions of at Home!)

Chickie and Petes Crabfries at Hersheypark

Chickie’s & Pete’s Crabfries

The crabfries at Chickie’s & Pete’s are a must try!

Old Bay is a classic Maryland flavor, originally created in Baltimore! and Chickie’s and Pete’s use Old Bay seasoned fries with a garlic cheese dipping sauce.

The crabfires come in massive portions, and will introduce you to the classic Old Bay flavor.

If you’re making a copycat version at home, I suggest using air fried frozen crinkle fries as your base, douse them in Old Bay, and then follow this copycat recipe for the dipping sauce!

While the crab fries are one of the must eat foods in Philadelphia and at Hershey Park, Chickie’s & Pete’s also serves up buffalo chicken cheesesteaks, chicken cutlets, specialty burgers and more, so feel free to pair your fries accordingly!

The Boardwalk at Hersheypark Chickie and Petes

Makin’ Whoopie Pies

Whoopie pies are another local Pennsylvania food tradition that are famous in neighboring Lancaster County with the huge Amish population.

Hersheypark took it a step further and lets you build your own whoopie pie! There’s a whole display case full of whoopie pie shells and fillings so you can mix and match flavors based on your tastes!

Thankfully, the internet is filled with creative combos to build your own whoopie pies at home.

If you’re looking for some fun combos, Sam from SugarSpunRun has a few to inspire: Mint Chocolate Whoopie Pies and Cookie Dough Whoopie Pies are a great place to start!

Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie

Founder’s Way Funnel Cakes

What’s a trip to an amusement park without visiting the funnel cakes stand!?!

The Hersheypark funnel cakes are not your ordinary funnel cakes either!

You can get a classic funnel cake with strawberry and cream toppings. Or you can get a chocolate funnel cake base and then choose if you want the Hershey’s funnel cake or the Reese’s Extreme one.

Ready to try making your own funnel cake? Kristyn from Lil’ Luna shares her recipe here.

To turn it into a Hersheypark funnel cake copycat like the one below, top with chopped peanut butter cups, chocolate and peanut butter drizzle.

It is rich but soooo good!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Funnel Cake

Lemon Drop Stand

If you chow down on that loaded funnel cake at Hersheypark, I’m guessing you’ll be thirsty! Turn in a circle and you’ll see the Lemon Drop stand right across the walkway towards the Comet roller coaster, and head straight over for one of their lemonades.

Fresh lemonade made with real lemons is such a treat on a hot summer day! And exactly what you need after a few peanut butter cups.

Fun fact: this is the only place in Hersheypark that sells cotton candy! They also offer snow cones and popcorn.

And while the Lemon Drop is their stationary stand, they do have vendors who walk all over the Park selling the same items. Look for the green carts and striped shirts so you can get your lemonade fix!

If fresh lemonade feels too tame for your needs right now, why not try your hand making one of my strawberry peach wine slushies, boozy strawberry lemonade slushie, blueberry lemonade with vodka, red white and blue red wine slushie, Dole Whip with rum copycat, or Lime in the Coconut cocktail!

Jay Vending cotton candy popcorn in Hersheypark

Simply Chocolate

If you leave Lemon Drop and Founder’s Way Funnel Cakes, and head right towards the bumper cars, you’ll bump into Simply Chocolate. If you follow Hersheypark on Facebook on Instagram, then I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of their King Size Shakes!

These shakes are award-winning and can easily be split between 3 or 4 people! The 3 classic flavors they offer connect to their brands: Reese’s, Hershey’s and Kisses.’

The Reese’s one is a top choice, mixing creamy peanut butter and chocolate flavors! Reminds me of my s’mores frozen hot chocolate milkshake!

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a Hersheypark Freak Shake copycat recipe yet, so you’ll have to search for inspiration here! Or you can make separate dishes with the same flavors, like my peanut butter s’mores pizza with frozen hot chocolate!

They also have seasonal ones for Hersheypark in the Dark and Christmas Candylane that are only around for a limited time so you need to be sure to snag it while you can!

Hersheypark King Size Shakes

Spring Creek Smokehouse

Now that you’ve filled your stomach with all matters of sweets, Hersheypark devotees know it’s the perfect time to head to Spring Creek Smokehouse for some real BBQ.

Tucked down below the AquaTheater beside Trailblazer, it’s also a nice quiet place to have a meal with lots of shade and spots by the creek.

The smoked turkey leg is a favorite here! The Interwebs is full of Copycat Smoked Turkey leg recipes you can try!

Spring Creek Smokehouse Turkey Leg in Hersheypark


The Chik-fil-A in Hersheypark always has a line out the door!

If you’re up to it, there are so many Chik-fil-A copycat recipes out there you can try, from chicken sandwich to milkshakes!

Hersheypark Chick Fil A

Dispatch Pizzeria

Dispatch Pizzeria is a staple at Hersheypark, but I think their garlic knots are the best treat!

Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough

Brand new in 2018, The Turkey Hill Creamery in the Pioneer Food Court now offers chocolate dipped cheesecake slices and cookie dough kisses.

You can dip them in all kinds of shells including chocolate, cherry, peanut butter and blue raspberry.

Once it’s dipped, pick your topping: Oreos, sprinkles, peanuts, Pop Rocks and more!

You can try recreating the cookie dough experience by making cookie dough truffles, and then sprinkling extra toppings over the chocolate!

Double Dunker Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Double dunker ice crea is another Hersheypark favorite. It’s the most delicious mocha ice cream filled with a fudge crunch swirl, cookie dough pieces and Oreo chunks.

SO good!

You can pick up Turkey Hill ice cream at some super markets!

Hersheypark ice cream

Final Thoughts About the Best Hersheypark Foods to Try

Those are just a small sampling of all the delicious food available at Hersheypark!

If you’re heading to the park, I hope you enjoy some of these classic things to eat at Hersheypark.

And if you don’t have the good fortune of a Hersheypark trip on the horizon, I hope you enjoy making some of these at home!

Be sure to PIN, SAVE and SHARE this post so you’re ready the next time you visit Hersheypark!

top Hersheypark foods you have to eat