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Taco Shirt for Cinco de Mayo

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This taco shirt for Cinco de Mayo is easy to make with a free cut file and your Cricut! Perfect for any taco lover to wear any time of the year!

Taco tshirt for Cinco de Mayo

Because if there’s one thing that will get me mad… it’s swiping my tacos! My taco is my taco, and there will be no sharing going on at that dinner table!

So why not put that on a personalized t-shirt and just in time for Cinco de Mayo?! This is such an easy shirt to make, especially for you since I’m going to give you the free cut file to use with your Cricut or other electronic cutting device.

You just need a blank shirt, a small amount of iron-on or HTV in the color of your choice, and you could have this shirt made in minutes.

How to Curve Text in Cricut

One of the other reasons I wanted to make this shirt was because it gave me a chance to play with the Curve tool that Cricut just introduced.  This is a brand new feature and one that I have been itching for for awhile now!

It was really simple to use too, and completely changes the way your whole design looks.

First, open up a new project in Cricut Design Space. Use the text tool to type in one line of text. Even though my shirt was going to have 3 lines, you can only curve one line at a time.

Once you have your first line of text entered, click on the curve button in your top menu bar (where I have the red arrow pointing).

How to use the curve tool in Cricut

Play around with the slider ruler in the curve function until you get your text the way you like it.

Then enter your next line of text. For my specific project, I didn’t want that line curved at all so I just left it as is.

For my 3rd line of text, I used the curved tool in the opposite direction (negative numbers) to match the curve I did on the first line.

Once I had the design exactly as I liked it, I wanted to be sure these 3 lines stayed together. This would make it easier to apply to my shirt once I have it cut out.

Hold down the control key, and on the left sidebar, click on all 3 lines of text. Everything on your left sidebar should be highlighted like it is in my picture below.

How to use curve tool in Cricut

Then click on “attach” on the bottom left. This attaches all 3 lines together so they are cut exactly as you designed them.

When you are ready to cut the letters out, click “Make It” in the upper right corner.

Be sure to make sure “Mirror” is on and set to green on your left sidebar. This will reverse your letters as shown.

How to mirror letters in Cricut Design Space

Place your iron-on on your mat with the shiny side down. Load the mat into your Cricut Machine. Then just follow the prompts to begin cutting!

Once it’s cut, weed out your excess vinyl and start preheating your EasyPress.

Press your pre-heated EasyPress onto your shirt for about 15 seconds to warm it up. Place your vinyl where you’d like it on your shirt and then press it with the EasyPress for about 30 seconds at 315 degrees.

Peel off the protective film, flip the shirt over and heat the back of it for about 30 seconds.

Supplies Needed for Taco Shirt:

Taco tshirt personalized with cricut

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how to curve text in Cricut