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Re-purposed Door for Pool Towels

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We love to go to the local pool and get all good and wet and then come home and bombard the sunroom with damp towels and sopping bathing suits! They get draped over every spare chair and drive me nuts every time I look in there!

If I wanted to keep my sanity during the summer months, I knew I needed to do something about the wet towels and suits that were thrown everywhere.  And then somehow, I managed to drag this simple and easy project out over, oh, about a month or so.

But it’s finished today and the towels are hung and I love it!

pool towel door



Shortly after I decided to re-purpose a door for the pool towels, my sister was over for one reason or another and we were about to leave for somewhere, when my husband asked if there was anything I wanted him to do while we were gone.  Um, why… yes, husband… please run down to the Habitat Re-Store and buy me an old door and I want it to be flat and not decorative and hopefully only $5 but no more than $10 and thank you.  He looked at me like I was a little nuts (but not really completely nuts, because he does know me a tad), when the sister quickly jumped in that she had a few old doors in her basement that were left there when they moved in if I wanted one!  Husband was thrilled and quickly settled back down in front of his show and I ended up getting my door for free!  Yeehaw!!

I had some paint leftover from our master bathroom that I used for my nice cheery, summery color.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the wording with some vinyl I had.  Alright, other Silhouette owners, how long does your vinyl last? I know I don’t use it as often as I should (shhh! don’t tell my husband!), but I bought $15 worth of vinyl from a local sign shop last April and I’m still using it all!

After I applied the vinyl, it was time to search the house for some hooks. I was determined to do this for as little money as possible. I found the 4 white hooks in the laundry room still in their original packaging which only made me happy because that meant the screws were still with them and I didn’t have to go on another search for them!  I couldn’t manage to find any more hooks, so I found a little broken coat rack type miniature thing at a thrift store.  It was pretty broken beyond repair, but it had 4 hooks on it and was only $1.60, so I gobbled it up.



 Supplies to Make Pool Towel Door:


Yes, it would look nicer if my hooks all matched, but I was going for cheap and they’re all covered up anyways, so I’m good with it.  And you know what?  I pre-drilled all my holes and then used the electric screwdriver to attach every hook all while my husband was at work!   That’s big for me!




My original thought was to find some cheap wire baskets I can screw on for goggles and lotion, but that’s on hold for now.

I’m also thinking for the winter, I can use this for snowpants and hats and stuff!

pool towel door

And, no, this is not the permanent location!  The plan is to gut the garage in the next week or so to paint the walls and re-organize and I already have a lovely wall picked out for this beauty!  And Husband loves it too!  It’s functional, pretty and only cost me $1.60!!


Sunday 5th of August 2018

This is a great idea! I would love to know how you stood it up. I love the idea of baskets for goggles and sunscreen +. Plus, I love the usage fir winter gear! Thanks for the idea!


Thursday 30th of August 2018

Sorry! Just seeing this comment now! I just leaned the door against the side of our house or inside a wall in our garage. A friend made one, though, for her pool area and she had her husband mount it to the inside of their garage. It hung there for years!


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

c'est vraiment une superbe idée bricolage pour faire sécher les serviettes de plage à la piscine! Merci!

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