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Summer Boredom Jar

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silhouette summer boredom jar collage

It’s cooooming!!   The sweet paradox of summer.  Around May, everyone starts craving it.  We can’t wait to have our days free and our kids home and we have grand plans for all the fun activities we’ll do.  But once it gets here it acts like it’s on warp speed and suddenly it’s the middle of August and we have hardly anything to show for it except bored kids, a frustrated mom and an intense craving for a schedule again.

Not that that’s what it’s like around here or anything.  Nope, of course not.  We do every single thing on our summer bucket list and are never bored.  Snort.

Guys, I am THE WORST at planning.  Seriously, there’s nobody who’s worse at it except maybe my daughter and it’s not her fault because she comes by it naturally.  See??  It still comes back to me.

I have all kinds of grand intentions for the summer and the fun little activities we’ll do, but then we end up trying to cram them into a 2 week chunk at the end of the summer and, well, that’s not exactly fun for anybody!

silhouette vinyl summer boredom jar

So I whipped up a little Summer Boredom jar filled with all sorts of activities for the kids to pull from!  Some are oodles of fun- make a treat, visit a friend, go for a bike ride.  Some are more, to keep them busy and productive- 20 jumping jacks, pick veggies from the garden, clean up 10 things in your bedroom, go for a run.

They’ll tell me they’re bored.  I’ll tell them to pull from the jar.  Let’s hope this works!

First I hopped over to PicMonkey and created this printable.  Just click on the picture below to grab a copy for yourself.  You can print it on colored paper if you want for a free printable, but I printed it on Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper for my project.

summertime printable

Once I had it the way I liked it in PicMonkey, I downloaded it to my Silhouette Library.  Then I fed my paper straight through my printer and printed it out!  I’ve been so intimidated by this feature for months, but this was as simple as could be!  Then I fed it through my Silhouette and cut it out!

silhouette summer bucket list jar

I had a glass jar that the lid had broken on, but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw the jar away.  This worked out perfectly!  For whatever reason, I had tons of circles cut out of construction paper, so I used those and my supply list was complete!

silhouette summer grab jar


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