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Strawberry Milkshakes for Valentine’s Day Dessert

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If you’re looking for something special to make for your kids, these strawberry milkshakes for Valentine’s Day dessert are sure to make them squeal! They even made my husband groan when he took his first sip!

Valentine's Day Strawberry Milkshakes with chocolate toppings!

Valentine’s Day for us, has always been about staying in with the kids and having a special meal. I am so not into dressing up and having to wait hours for an open table at an overpriced restaurant that’s serving a fancy menu just for the holidays. It’s just not my thing. Luckily, it’s not my husband’s either.

The four of us just stay in and enjoy each others’ company! Since it’s my Valentine’s Day too, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking for everybody. So we have a nice fondue spread with a garlic fondue, cheese fondue and we usually end with a chocolate fondue.

Everyone loves it and I like that they’re basically cooking their own meals, and I’m off the hook! Super easy and delicious!

But I also usually try to have a special treat waiting for them when they get home from school that day. These strawberry millkshakes are perfect! And again… they have that whole easy factor going for them so that always wins points in my book.

I’m not going to get too into the milkshake itself. I’m much more about the jazz on top. The accessories. That’s where my eyes go!

So mix up some strawberry ice cream and milk in your blender until it’s nice and smooth.

milkshake in the blender


I am the biggest fan of these little mason jar glasses with handles. They are perfection for treats like this because they’re clear so you can see exactly how pretty your creation is, but they have that handy dandy handle so little hands don’t get too cold when you’re holding it. Seriously, I bought these on whim and I end up using them all the time because of those handles!

Once you have your milkshakes divided between the glasses, spray some whipped cream on top.

I used the same ganache recipe that I dipped my strawberries in for my cupcakes earlier this week. This recipe is simple as can be, and you just want to drizzle it on top using a spoon.

Strawberry Milkshakes with toppings

Add some sprinkles… these Valentine’s ones are my favorite.

Then cut a small slit in the bottom of a fresh strawberry and add it onto the rim of your glass.

This is probably my favorite part… these PEEPS hearts are such a vivid red and just perfect to embellish your desserts! You can see HERE how I used them in my Valentine’s cupcakes. I just dipped them in the ganache the same way and then added them to the other side of the milkshake.

Finally, take 2 pretzel sticks, dip them in the ganache and you’re done! Pretzels dipped in milkshakes are one of my favorites!

Valentine's Day Strawberry Milkshakes recipe with lots of goodies on top! This is one of my kids favorite treats!