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Star Wars Cut Files in Cricut Design Space

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With these Star Wars Cut Files in Cricut Design Space, you will be able to personalize your own shirts! You can even make backpacks, beach towels, birthday invitations, framed artwork and so much more!

Cricut Star Wars Princess Leia Han Solo shirts

Last week, Cricut announced that they were releasing a set of licensed Star Wars images that would be available for use on all of their electronic cutting machines. Insert lots of squealing and jumping around.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made almost one shirt a day for every day that these images have been public. It’s so hard not to, though, when the designs are not only perfect but so easy to work with!

Star Wars Cut Files in Cricut Design Space

I’m going to share the exact files I used for my personalized t-shirts, along with the affiliate links for the supplies, later on in the post. But I wanted to show you guys exactly what is now available through Cricut Design Space!

Star Wars Images in Cricut Design Space

How cool are they?! You can access these images directly in Design Space.

Once you purchase one of the files and open it up on your screen, you can send it to the Cricut to cut exactly as is! Of course, you can also manipulate it in all kinds of ways if you want to further personalize it. You can change colors, splice off sections (what I did to remove names under the images), add text and so much more!

Han Solo and Princess Leia couple shirts from Star Wars

What Can You Cut with Your Cricut?

The other neat thing about these images is that Cricut is offering these in different versions: paper, vinyl or Iron On.

The paper version of the image is perfect for cardstock if you wanted to make birthday cards, cupcake toppers, invitations, banners and more!

The vinyl version would be great for making binders, window or glass decals, a vase/planter, etc.

The Iron On version is great for tote bags, tshirts or other clothing, curtains, tablecloths, pillows and SO much more!

For this post, I used the Iron On version to make my tshirts. It worked perfectly for layering colors!

Star Wars Cut Files in Cricut Design Space

Supplies Needed to Make Personalized Star Wars Shirts

How to Personalize Shirts with Cricut

For the Princess Leia shirt, start by searching for the file in Design Space. You may need to resize it based on the size of your t-shirt (or if you’re using the file for something else like a tote bag). This image is sized for a women’s adult medium shirt.

Princess Leia Star Wars Shirt

I used Iron-On Lite in Black and the Natalie Malan Sunset Blossom Iron-On. You could use whichever colors you wanted based on the color t-shirt you choose. I love how the patterned, pink iron-on gives it dimension, though!

After you have your design sized correctly, load the iron-on onto your mat with the shiny side down. In Design Space, remember to mirror your image before you send it to the Cricut to cut!

After your designs are cut, weed the excess iron-on out so that you’re left with just the design you want to press onto your shirt.

Preheat your EasyPress following the instructions for temperature and time based on your materials.  Once it is preheated, press your shirt for about 15 seconds where the design will go to warm it up.

Then center your background vinyl (the patterned pink in this case) and use the EasyPress to adhere it. Flip the shirt over and heat from the back as well. Let the clear sheet cool a bit and then peel it off the vinyl.

Line up your black Princess Leia design to match up with the background. Then follow the steps to adhere that.

Personalized Han Solo Star Wars shirt

For the Han Solo shirt, search for the file in Design Space and repeat the steps from above. This cut file is sized for an adult men’s large shirt. This shirt also used Iron-On Lite in Black and Natalie Malan’s Aquamarine Patterned Iron-On.

Personalized Yoda Shirt

You will be following the above instructions for the Yoda shirt, as well, but there are a few more steps so I felt it deserved it’s own section! Don’t worry, it is still very easy!

Personalized Yoda Shirt with Cricut

In Design Space, find the file. This file is sized for a kids’ medium (8/10) shirt, so you may need to adjust this size if you’re making an adult shirt. Just select all the layers together (use control and your right sidebar in Design Space), and resize by dragging the corners or adjusting the measurements manually in the top menu bar.

For this design, I used:

The biggest thing to remember when cutting the files for this Yoda shirt is to MIRROR YOUR IMAGES! When you click on “Make It” and it sorts the mats by color, every single mat needs to be switched to mirror. Use the left side bar to make sure the green light is on for every individual mat.

Because I was using a white t-shirt, I was nervous my party hat wasn’t going to show up well. It’s a confetti pattern that is perfect for a party hat, but the white background would blend in to my white shirt.

To fix this, I made a second party hat that was very slightly larger than the white one. I cut it in the cyan iron-on to match the poof at the top of that hat, and then just layered it behind the white one. It worked perfectly to help it stand out against the white t-shirt!

How to cut Star Wars images in Cricut Design Space

Once your pieces are cut and weeded, pay attention to the order you’re layering them in. I first pressed the gold background onto the shirt. The black outline was then carefully placed on top to line up with the gold.

Personalized Yoda Star Wars shirt

As you’re putting the additional pieces on, make sure everything is covered by a sheet before you use the EasyPress.

How to make Star Wars shirts with Cricut

Don’t forget to also flip the shirt over and press it from the back to help set all your pieces!

Personalized Star Wars tshirt

Now start making your Star Wars clothes so you can be ready for May the 4th Be With You!!

Free Star Wars Cut Files to use with Cricut so you can personalize your own shirts


Wednesday 2nd of May 2018

i love your star wars designs, they are so cute!! i'd love to make my own but it looks like your project files are marked as private. can you share them and make them public? mainly i just need to know how to splice so i can remove the names off the graphics.



Monday 7th of May 2018

Hi Stephanie! I'm glad you liked them. I just double-checked from my computer and used my husband's computer as well, and they are all showing public for me. The green light is on that they are visible to everyone as well. Hopefully you were able to access them! Let me know if you are still having trouble!