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Spring Decorating in the Bedroom

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I am a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador and have received products to test.  All opinions and wording are 100% my own!

bedroom makeover natures sleep

This may possibly have been the longest winter in the history of ever.  #andallthepeoplesaidAmen

So a couple weeks ago when it started warming up (aka “The Day It Went Above 40 Degrees”), it was time to shake the funk off.  We shook the funk off the coat closet and put all the boots and scarves away.  We shook the funk off the backyard and cleared out all the fallen branches from the many ridiculous ice storms.  And, guys, we shook the funk off our bedroom.

I’m going to blame it on the fact that it’s right off our kitchen, but somehow our master bedroom ends up being the catch-all for all the items in our house don’t have a home of their own.

Middle of a craft project?  Throw it in the bedroom.

Pile of magazines that don’t fit in the living room basket?  Throw them in the bedroom.

Box of coffee filters in a house where NOBODY drinks coffee?  Let’s hear it, guys… throw it in the bedroom!!

Until, embarrassingly, one day you wake up and it looks like this…

before bedroom

It was time to take action.  When we moved into our house 7 years ago, we immediately painted our bedroom a chocolate brown.  It felt warm and cozy to me and I really did like it for a long time.  When it looked like this:

headboard beadboard remodel bedroom decorating

But the last couple years, I’ve grown tired of it.  It’s started to feel dingy and suffocating.  I wanted something fresh and more calming.  And after this past winter, I just needed to do a deep cleaning in this room and start from scratch.

So we pulled all the furniture away from the walls and started cleaning baseboards, steam cleaning the carpets and wiping down the walls.  At one point, I looked at my husband and he just groaned and said, “You want to paint, don’t you?”.

Um, yes.  I mean, honestly, if we’re already cleaning walls and baseboards, the next logical step is to start painting!

master bedroom makeover after

It feels so much more open and relaxing to me now!  It’s so hard to get a good night’s sleep, when the last thing you see before you lay down are piles of mess everywhere!  It leaves my brain feeling cluttered and already feeling like I have too much to do the next day.  Cleaning, scrubbing, fresh paint and de-cluttering have done wonders for my over-active brain!  I go to sleep and I wake up feeling like things are at least halfway under control!  Guys, that is huge for me!

You know what else has been huge for me?  Waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed!  For all my faithful Facebook followers, it’s no secret that I am Officially the World’s Worst Sleeper (the Guinness Book of World Records has been begging for my picture for years).  It often takes me hours to fall asleep, I spend most of the night tossing and turning and I normally wake up crabby and achy.   The best part of my mini bedroom makeover is something that isn’t even visibly different between my before and after pictures!   Everyone looking at the two pictures is probably focused on the paint, the missing wreath, the different pillows… BUT, you’re missing the biggest change of all!!

master bedroom nature's sleep mattress

Tucked away under the pretty little comforter, is my new best friend.   Isn’t she a beauty?!  My new Nature’s Sleep Mattress is the best thing that could have happened to me in that bedroom.  I have the Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress and it has officially captured my heart.  I’ve been sleeping on it for a little over a week now, and with absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever, my back hasn’t cracked once since I started sleeping on it!  I used to roll out of bed sideways to an entire symphony of cracks as I stood up.  Now there is nothing but glorious silence!  It’s almost bizarre!

It was exactly what I needed to start the spring off feeling like I can take on the world!  I wish I could invite you all over to just lay on my bed and experience this!  You’d have to kick my kids off first, because they’re a bit obsessed (you know, nothing like they’re mom…).    But it really is super cool!  Take a look at how it arrives (and how whackadoodle my kids are), and then go back and check out the picture above again to see how it ends up!  That right there is magic!

Get yourself a piece of the magic and see which mattress would work best for you!



Jen at Nature's Sleep

Wednesday 20th of August 2014

Your bedroom looks completely different! Thanks for including Nature's Sleep in your great decorating tips!

Condo Blues

Thursday 24th of April 2014

I might take your title as the World's Worst Sleeper. It takes me forever to get to sleep, even when I'm tired. Once I conk out I don't stay asleep, I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Rinse. Repeat.


Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

So refreshing and I bet the mattress is awesome! Debbie

Stacy Risenmay

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

That is so cool that is comes roll up and then ends up so fluffy and thick! And your room looks like spring time perfection :)


Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

Wow, what a difference! So bright and pretty.