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S’mores Camping Bucket Kit

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This S’mores camping bucket kit is perfect for summer vacations! You can also just make it for your home bonfire so you always have your s’mores supplies ready to go! I partnered with HomeRight on this project to show you a step by step tutorial!

how to make a s'mores camping kit

We have been working hard on creating a dedicated fire pit area in our backyard, because we told our teens nooooo to a hot tub. So fire pit it is!

When we moved in, this area was a gorgeous backyard pond. That lasted a hot minute before my husband got tired of the upkeep and ripped the whole thing out. So all last summer, we had this lovely spot to gaze at:

removing a backyard pond

It was a ridiculous eyesore, and I was determined that we would get it in shape in time for this summer. I wanted our kids and their friends to actually be able to use it and have it be a functional part of our yard.

So we’ve been laying weed tarps down and covering that with decorative gravel and so much more! We’re getting there!

Backyard DIY fire pit with pea gravel

And now that the hard work is mostly done, it’s time for the fun! When you build a DIY firepit area, the first order of business is always s’mores, amiright?!

S’mores Camping Bucket Kit

I made this easy s’mores kit that is perfect to keep all your supplies in one place! I can’t tell you how many times we’re ready for s’mores and we have to send 4 people scrambling in different directions to find all the supplies!

Not anymore, kiddos! This camping bucket is perfect to keep right inside our back door so it’s ready to go as soon as the friends arrive. And it was SO simple to make!

Supplies Needed for DIY Camping Bucket for S’mores

how to make a s'mores camping kit with light

The light should really be listed as optional, but I’m going to go ahead and urge you to get it! After you have your s’mores ingredients out, you can turn on the light and place it back inside your bucket. Hang your bucket from a plant hook or just place on your table and you’ll have an instant nightlight for outdoors!

The ElectroLight is the real star of the show here! If anyone else has ever experienced the dreaded “our s’mores are ready to be assembled but the bonfire won’t light” scenario, then an Electrolight is for you! You’ll be able to start your bonfire so much faster and keep that happy momentum moving forward with your bonfire guests!

It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad too… hint, hint! We also use it for our charcoal grill and burn pit! Well worth the investment for how much easier it makes starting a bonfire! Be sure to check out the HomeRight site for more ways to use the ElectroLight!

How to Make a DIY Camping Bucket

The design on the front of your bucket couldn’t be easier to make with your Cricut. In fact, I’ve made it even easier for you by already having the design file sized and ready to go for your 2-gallon bucket!

Just click on the design file link in the supply list above and it should take you right to the file. All you have to do is click “Make It” and then load up the vinyl colors you want for your bucket!

How to use scraps of Cricut vinyl

This is the perfect project to use some vinyl scraps too since the pieces you need aren’t that large.

Once everything is cut, trim your pieces and then weed them to remove all the excess vinyl that you don’t need for your design.

how to vinyl a camping light bucket

Use some transfer tape to transfer the vinyl letters onto your bucket. I found it easiest to line up the letters first and do the bonfire second.

how to apply vinyl to camping bucket

When you’re working on the bonfire, just pay attention to which colors you’re laying down first. It’s easiest if you refer back to the design file image to see the order that they need to be placed down.

how to make a camping bucket light

Fill up your bucket with your supplies and get ready for an easy and stress-free bonfire!

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how to make a s'mores camping bucket kit