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S’mores Bar Party Ideas

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This post was sponsored by PPL Electric Utilities as part of their Project Envolve Ambassador program. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Summer months bring with them heat, swimming, s’mores, heat, high electric bills… because of that heat, and if you’re lucky, lots of get-togethers! We host all kinds of get-togethers over the summer, and these s’mores bar party ideas are a hit no matter the age!

how to build a s'mores bar

They’re also a hit with me because they get everyone out of my house and enjoying the backyard more.  Since I started partnering with PPL Electric Utilities nearly 4 years ago, I’ve been very conscious of how much our electric bill can fluctuate depending on the month.

I mean like super-conscious which is very odd for a girl like me who is oblivious to most of the finer details in life! There was that one time my husband grew a beard for a few months and I never even noticed… but we’ll save that story for another time.

Because today’s story is the best of both worlds- it saves you money and it makes people happy! Everyone knows that electric bills are normally highest in the summer and winter. AC and heat are energy hogs and don’t always play nice with our wallets.

peanut butter cup s'mores bar

But, friends, there is a BUT! Little tiny tweaks to your daily routine really do make a difference! Remember that electric bill that I’ve finally started paying attention to? It actually shows me a graph with how much electric we’re using each month compared to the same month of the previous year.

It’s one of my favorite features in the last few years, because I get to watch it go down each year! All this just from following the little tips on the Project Envolve site instead of rolling my eyes like I used to!

Remember at the beginning of the post when I mentioned I had some ideas for a S’mores Bar? This is one of the easiest tips to follow to help lower your electric bill… take your cooking outside!

Most people grill at some point during the summer, but I’m here to encourage you to do even more than that! Make your sides on the grill. Cook your dessert outside or better yet, make a no-bake dessert!

how to make chocolate chip cookie s'mores bar

And take those people outside with you! I swear, the temperature in our house can rise 20 degrees when it’s filled with 25 people all trying to cram in. Activities like a s’mores party bar can force them to go outside, play yard games and keep your house cool!

One of my favorite things about this version of a s’mores bar is that you don’t need a big bonfire to still enjoy this classic treat. Sometimes, it’s even too hot outside for a bonfire!

Plus, these little “burners” are much safer for kids too! We often have little ones running around, and as much as I try to relax and let them be free… helicopter mom kicks in a bit when I see kids running in the dark around a fire pit.

We all relax a little more with this DIY version of a “fire pit”.

how to create a s'mores bar

Supplies for 2 S’mores Box fires:

1″ x 4″ x 8′ (if you have scrap wood, just use that! we’re looking for rustic!)

staple gun or nail gun

4 Sternos or camping heat sources

Decorative rocks

Roasting sticks

Ingredients for s’mores


Cut your wood into 4 short sides that are 5.25″ long, 4 long sides that are 16.5″ long, and 2 bottom pieces that measure 5.25″ x 15″.

S'mores box for sterno lighters with measurements

Use your staple gun or nail gun to attach all the pieces. Do not worry about getting everything perfectly lined up! These are supposed to look rustic!

how to build a 2x4 box

Unscrew the lids from your sternos and place in wood boxes. Scatter the decorative stones around them to hold them in place.

how to build a custom s'mores bar box

Display your chocolates (please don’t stop at just one flavor!)):

candy for s'mores bar

Your graham crackers and cookies:

cookies for s'mores bar

and we love to add some peanut butter! Truthfully, we add peanut butter to nearly everything. But it’s especially good on a s’more with melted chocolate!

toppings for s'mores bar

Don’t forget to bring some napkins out… remember, we’re trying to keep people out of the house!

child safe s'mores sticks

And let the kids try their hand at roasting their own marshmallows! These roasting sticks are my favorite for little kids, because they’re telescoping. You can extend them to the perfect size for little arms to still reach but not be anywhere close to an open flame!

But here’s the thing, these s’mores bar party ideas are pretty cool (and delicious) and I hope you all try it… but there are so many more ideas for how to keep that electric bill down during the summer. SO MANY MORE IDEAS! And they all add up together.

how to build a custom s'mores bar

Absolutely, you can just do one here and there. Or you can do one lots and lots of days (cook outside, don’t heat the house!!). OR… big or here folks… you can do lots of these tips!

Because I’m not the only one with ideas! Some of my other friends have more great ideas for you on how to decorate your outdoor space without using electricity, how to stay cool without AC and more yummy grilling recipes to round-out your meals. Although, I think they’re crazy, because everyone knows that s’mores are a complete meal! 😉

But check them out, because they’re pretty cool (get it?? cool!!), and saving money isn’t too bad either!

And you know since you can’t inhale these s’mores right now, you’re going to want to save it so you’re prepared for the next time you have company over!

Go ahead and pin it right now! 😉

Create your own backyard summer s'mores bar with gourmet toppings