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Rustic Bridal Shower

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Thank goodness Pinterest wasn’t around when I was getting married. I would have been one stressed-out, idea-wavering bride-to-be.

You should have seen my sisters and I planning this rustic bridal shower for our brother’s fiancee. We were all sitting there with laptops and Kindles with Pinterest pulled up and just randomly pinning ALL.THE.THINGS.

Somehow, there seemed to be a rustic theme developing when we noticed all our pins together on that board, so we just ran with it.

I’ll have more posts later with specific details on some of the projects, but let me know if you have any questions! This post is going to be pretty picture-heavy, because when you spend 6 hours editing pictures because your computer crashes 54 times… you will use every single picture. Every last picture.

I started by creating a chalkboard invitation using PicMonkey. This was the subject of approximately 237 private messages between my sisters and I. In the end, it took me about 25 minutes. In the blank spots we had the guest of honor’s name, the address of the shower and the RSVP information.

chalkboard bridal shower invitation

I lucked out with our food table because a friend of mine had these wooden discs that she let me borrow last minutes. Friends are pretty stinkin’ great. My sisters, mom and I all worked together to make the food.

Rustic Bridal Shower food table

rustic wooden cheese tray

My youngest sister was in charge of the Beverage Bar. We hit up a farmer’s market earlier in the week and she had fresh Strawberry Lemonade, Sangria with white peaches and blueberries, Cucumber Mint Water and a homemade craft root beer from the one Amish stand. My oldest sister decided to play the part of “Backdrop” for the making of this picture.

beverage bar

I’ll have more details on the food table in a later post, but this “Eat, Drink & Be Married” graphic is a free printable from Swooned that I blew up to make a poster.

eat drink and be married

In addition to my food items, I was in charge of decorations. I made these cute centerpieces for the tables (total props to my Mom for doing the flower arrangement! NOT a skill of mine!). I had grabbed some flowers at our local country store ahead of time and then she ran into my side yard to cut off some leaves and hydrangea as filler.

bridal shower floral centerpieces

wood centerpiece floral arrangements

Then I just used twine, blue doilies and orange bird clothespins (the colors of the wedding), to make these photo garlands. This is where you get the kids involved! My daughter and niece hung all of these pictures for me and taped the doilies to the back.

Bridal Shower photo garland decorations

We had a cardstock banner in the sunroom with their wedding date on it.

wedding date banner for bridal shower

My chalkboards were taken over with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Huey Lewis song lyrics… yanno, because THEY ARE THE BEST!!



Two of my sisters were in charge of games and knocked it out of the ballpark! We played “Pin the Beard on Benny”…

pin the beard on the groom bridal shower game

Name the Movie (all wedding and bride related movies with the engaged couples’ faces super-imposed on them). My family has some movie fanatics in them!

Bridal Shower name the movie game

The game prizes were cute little bottles of nail polish… EVERYTHING.MUST.BE.TAGGED.

Bridal Shower nail polish favors

My other sister made a date jar where we filled it with ideas for dates. My gosh, my family. This newlywed couple is going to be going on dates to buy a willow tree, babysit other sisters’ kids, go swinging at a park, talk to their neighbors and other ridiculous outings! But the jar sure did look pretty!

date jar bridal shower activity

For favors, everyone got their own little succulent! The glass containers are from the dollar store and the free printables and tags are from Smarty Had a Party.

Succulent favors at bridal shower

Bridal Shower succulents favors

And then I blocked my sisters from ever sending me a private message again and took a nap!


Rustic Bridal Shower that is affordable, homemade and looks great