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Room Design Tips from College to Adult

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

These Room Design Tips from College to Adult can help you transition through some awkward stages! 

Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Homeaway vacation rental bedroom

When I was a young mom in my mid-20’s, I took a part-time job as a relocation consultant. Basically, when a large company in my area hired someone new, I would help them relocate. I would compile their needs and wants and make a list of apartments for rent that we would visit.

Most of these new employees were very aware that they would only be at this location for a year or so. So we’d head out on an apartment search, we’d get them signed up for a local gym, I’d help them with utilities and anything else they needed to feel comfortable in their new home!

A lot of times, that meant that I would be the one to sit in their apartment the day everything got set up and delivered. I’d be there to let the cable company in, I’d be there so internet could get hooked up and I’d direct traffic when CORT Furniture Rental showed up.

Room Design Tips from College to Adult

The furniture was my favorite part! I loved seeing a room come together so quickly! I would literally show up in the morning to an empty apartment (I’d bring a camping chair to sit on till they arrived!), and by the time I left it looked like a cozy home.

I loved meeting so many unique personalities and seeing how they lived. Cause if I’m being honest here, I can be a bit nosy. LOL! Getting this glimpse into their lives was fascinating to me.

And CORT always rose to the challenge and had furniture that fit every personality. Their “move-in ready” packages never seemed cold or sterile. They seemed perfectly tailored to each individual person and looked like a comfortable home.

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These employees chose to furnish their homes through CORT becomes it was about as hassle-free as it got! What could be more convenient than other people moving your furniture in and placing it exactly where you want it? Seriously, I wish my moves went this smoothly and quickly!

But they also chose it because they knew they were on a temporary assignment which makes those flexible leases they offer pretty attractive. Even if you aren’t on a new assignment for work, though, there are lots of instances where CORT Furniture Rental makes a ton of sense!

Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square vacation rental homeaway

Room Design Tips from College to Adult

  • When we first moved into our 1st home as a young, married couple, we were both coming from 2 separate college apartments. Which meant we brought all our college furniture with us. Guys, it looked like a dorm room inside a nice little ranch house.Even if we hadn’t been able to purchase all new furniture, I wish we would have considered renting some to help us make that transition. It also would have helped us figure out what worked in that particular space faster.Instead, we ended up purchasing a used sofa set off a family friend. It looked lovely in her house, but over-sized and bulky in our tiny living room. It lasted about a year before we sold it and tried again. Renting the furniture for a short time would have helped us decide what we wanted with no stress of trying to get rid of it once we were finished.
  • Which honestly is true for any stage of life, not just when you’re fresh out of college. Even now, I sometimes get an idea in my head of what I want in the room, but once the furniture is in there, it just doesn’t work the way I imagined it.In our last house, I was determined to have a sectional. Once it was in the living room, though, it was just a terrible flow. It ended up getting moved down to our basement! It would have been great if I could have rented a sectional first to test it out rather than purchasing for full price.Sometimes it’s best to test out furniture before you commit. We test furniture in stores for comfort level, but we should also test furniture in our homes for how it fits spatially.
    Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square Homeaway vacation furniture
  • Because investing in quality furniture is never an investment if your style or living situation changes a year down the road. Why buy brand new if you know you will be moving shortly?Or maybe you’re like me and get a little antsy and like to change things up frequently. It’s much easier to do when your furniture is on a short term lease. You can check out the CORT Blog to see all the different styles they have available.
  • As you start designing your new space, don’t be afraid to pick happy colors! I’ve always been drawn to bright colors that make me smile when I enter a room.When we moved into our second home, I tried to be more “adult” though and picked all muted colors and patterns. It just wasn’t me!What I wouldn’t give now to go back and make a different decision! So much money spent on curtains, rugs and throw pillows that I knew from the beginning was not my style. I tried living with it for a few months to see if it would grow on me and it never did! I just love color!
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We all probably have lots of design choices we would do over if we could! A lot of them could have been avoided if we just would have rented certain pieces to try them out first! CORT Furniture Rental is perfect for recent college grads and short-term work assignments, but it also can work for you as you try to find your own style and flow in your home!

Don’t forget to visit the CORT Blog to see which style and package works for you!
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