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Easter Peeps Recipes!

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Peeps Collage

Peeps is always around during Easter!  I just love the colors of Peeps, the sugary texture, and pretty much everything about them! As I started this round-up of fabulous recipes from some great bloggers, I had NO idea that you could do just about anything with Peeps other than eat them as is.  You could do Peeps S’mores using these fun colored bunnies or chicks instead of regular marshmallows for a special touch- or you can check out these sugary treats that will put a smile on the kids’ faces.  A lot of these can be made for school treats too, and after school snacks as well!  Think about all the leftover Peeps from the kids’ baskets after Easter- they would LOVE to help you out in the kitchen making something spcecial.

There are also a lot of different things you can do with Peeps as far as decorating goes-  Check out what I did with a few Peeps and some frames!

Framed Peeps!

Framed Peeps

Framed Peeps

You could even make some treat.. err..  Peeps bags for all the yummy treats you make WITH the Peeps!  

Peeps Bags!

peeps bags

I  like to make Rice Krispie Peeps pops by cutting a Peeps in half and adding it to the Rice Krispie treat. 

Homemade Rice Krispie Treats with Peeps Candies on them are wrapped in cellophane and displayed together as an Easter Peeps Treat


Why not add some real Peeps around the house as Easter decor?  Check out what I did with some Peeps and kabob sticks!

Peeps flowers

If you’re hosting Easter or even an egg hunt at your house this year or even anywhere, you can set up an area just for the treats-  See what I did here?  It is so much fun having all the guests, especially the kids’ eyes light up when they see all the yumminess!

Easter Treats!

Peeps Hutch


Needing Printables to dress up your dining area and treat cabinet??  Check out these amazing Hippity Hop Peeps Easter Printables from Whimsically Detailed!  The best part about these printables??  They are SO cute and FREE!!!

Peeps Printables



And now here are some sugarlicious treats that you can make using all kinds of Peeps!  Be creative this Easter and indulge in some sweetness with the kids!

Red Velvet Peeps in a Nest Cookie



Chocolate Covered Peeps

Choco Covered Peeps


White Chocolate Dipped Bunny Peeps

White Choco Covered Bunny Peeps

S’mores Trifle

Smores Trifle Recipe


Peeps Kabobs

Peeps Kabobs


Skateboarding Peeps

Skateboarding Peeps


Peeps Pudding Cups

Peeps Pudding Cups


Peeps Cake

Peeps Cake


Peepster Basket Cake

Peepster Basket Cake


Easter Peep Nests

Peeps Nests


Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter Basket Cupcakes


Peeps Cupcakes



Peeps S’mores Bites

Peeps Smores Bites


Peep Popcorn

Peep Popcorn


Peeking Peeps Oreo Truffles

Peeps Truffles

I hope you have a “peep-a-licious” Easter!  If you have made any of these or anything different using Peeps, leave us a comment!  Or post photos on our facebook page!  We would LOVE to see what you make this year for Easter!

Did you catch our Easter Recipes Round-Up that we posted last week?  If not, you should check it out for some really delicious looking recipes!

Easter Collage