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Peeps Bags are Finished!

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So I had some extra fabric and some extra green felt laying around and got some kind of stupid bright idea to make little Easter cinch sacks for all the kids instead of baskets.  Here was my train of thought… these look cute because all Peeps are cute but they’re really tiny so I won’t have to fill them with as much and the kids can pick from a treat bar and fill their own bags so I won’t have to assemble anything ahead of time.  Notice this train of thought was all geared towards making things easier on myself.  Wasn’t exactly thinking that sewing all these bags was a gazillion times harder than just throwing some things in a basket and calling it a day!

Drawstring cinch sacks should not be nearly as difficult to make as I made it out to be.  By about the 3rd one I was getting the hang of it and it was pretty smooth sailing after that.  I started sewing the Peeps on, but ended up hot gluing the majority of them to save time.  I used a pencil eraser dipped in brown paint for the eyes and nose.

The current dilemma is I’m not sure what to do with them now.  I was thinking I’d turn my hutch into a treat bar and each kid could grab a sack and fill it. Problem is, the RSVP’s keep rolling in and I now have twice as many kids coming as I started with.  Which is awesome! I’m thrilled everybody can make it, I’m just not sure where to go with these bags now. I have 9 bags currently and I’m out of fabric and felt so no more bags are being made. Should I pre-assemble a bag per family?  A bag per group of kids from a family?  Just bags for my nieces/nephews and not for all the extended kids??

I also finished bagging up all my Rice Krispie treats.

Wrapped up an Oreo box from another treat

And now they’re all pretty on display.


For the Oreos, that I picked up for 99 cents a box (shut up!!!), I melted some orange candy melts, used a flower cookie cutter to cut them out and plopped them right on top.

So, really, what should I do with these Peeps bags??  Cause my husband is being ZERO help in figuring this out.  It’s like he’s just not into Peeps bags or something??!

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