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Oz the Great and Powerful Cupcakes

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 This is a sponsored post.  I received product and compensation, however all opinions are 100% my own!


oz great powerful cupcakes fondant

Have you been swept away yet?  Have you experienced the breathtaking scenes and costumes?  Have you been able to decipher the difference between good and evil?  Have you been lucky enough to see Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful?


Oh my goodness, guys! It’s so great and powerful!  (heehee, see what I did there??)


I’ll admit it, I was a fan before it even started, because I’m a total James Franco groupie.  The guy gets me every time and his portrayal of Oscar Diggs, a conniving circus musician thrown into the Land of Oz, was no exception!


oz great powerful cupcakes oscar diggs


The story follows Oscar Diggs as he gets hurled away in a hot air balloon to the foreign and magical Land of Oz! How could I not make a hot air balloon cupcake?!  I had to… it’s a compulsion!  It’s super easy, and I promise that any of you can do it!  When you’re working with fondant, take a look at what you want to re-create and just break it down!  Let yourself have a flashback to those “Learn To Draw” books you had when you were younger.  You know, the ones that took a dog and turned it into 3 ovals, 2 circles and a line and suddenly there was a dog on your paper.  Do the same thing with fondant!    Here are all the pieces for my hot air balloon… just lots of stripes, a square and an oval!


oz great powerful fondant hot air balloon


I also used a Wilton mold that I have for the scalloped swag part, but you could just cut it with a knife, form it with your hands or just leave it a straight line!


oz great powerful fondant molds


Then you just start layering everything!  I use the teensiest bit of water on a small paintbrush to “glue” my fondant pieces together!


oz great powerful hot air balloon cupcakes


And what does every leading character need??  A Sidekick!  I mean, you know, since they didn’t ask his #1 groupie to be his sidekick…. I guess it’s okay with me if Finley gets the job.  After all, I’m kind of a sucker for monkeys too!


oz great powerful cupcake finley


Finley’s wings are fairly simple to make as well!  Roll a small piece of fondant into a thick log and taper it so it’s thin on one end and thick at the other.  Then flatten it like on the  middle piece.  Then just take a paring knife and make small indents up and down each side.  Layer your wings, make a monkey tail and add his little cap!


oz great powerful fondant wings

The scenery in Oz the Great and Powerful is so detailed and breath-taking, but the costumes are just incredible!  I love when you see costumes in movies that totally transform the actor almost to the point that you don’t recognize them!  Costumes that define the character!  My favorites from his movie were Theodora and Evanora, so I just had to make cupcakes for them!  They were so fantastic, that they need a little extra sparkle via some edible glitter! Make ’em shine!


oz great powerful cupcake witch hat

oz great powerful cupcake witch


These cupcake toppers took about 30 minutes tops to make and make such a great impact!  Start planning your Oz the Great and Powerful party now and I bet you would surprise yourself at how awesome these would turn out!


oz great powerful fondant cupcakes 1

Oz the Great and Powerful will be released on Blu-Ray Combo Pack on June 11th at these awesome retailers!  Who’s excited?!  Who, who??  Me, me!!  (can you even believe that I was never a cheerleader?  shocking, I know!)

Follow along with Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful, for more updates about the release!




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Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space

Monday 3rd of June 2013

These are awesome, Natalie! I agree with Jessica that I want to try my hand at fondant decorations again after this!


Monday 3rd of June 2013

Yum! These look so awesome, I'll be right over!!


Monday 3rd of June 2013

These are so cute! Makes me want to try out working with fondant.