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Office Makeover: Week 2

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Last week I introduced everyone to the embarrassment of our home- my office/craft room.  I announced that this was the next room I was going to be tackling as part of the $100 One Room One Month Challenge and that I would share updates every week with my progress.

If you remember, this is where we started last week in my office:

Office before cleaning

Aaaand this is pretty much what I got done this week:

Before and after of finishing a basement wall

I know. It’s not even the same room. Guys, what is the matter with me that I start one project and right in the middle decide to do another one?? And we’re not talking projects like painting a picture frame or anything.

We’re talking building walls, drywalling, painting entire rooms and more. Someone needs to tattoo across my forehead “One room at a time”.  Actually tattoo it on my husband’s forehead so I can see it more and because, well… I don’t do pain.

Anyways… I didn’t ignore the office completely. I really did get up there and start cleaning and decluttering. I sorted everything into piles to sell, trash and donate. I listed a ton on some local yardsale groups (and that really would have gone a lot smoother if people weren’t so bizarre).

But it got *mostly* straightened up! And now that it isn’t so overwhelming when I walk in there, I feel like I can start the process of figuring out what in the actual heck I want to do in this space.

craft room after cleaning

See what I meant last week about the dog wanting his sun patch back? I tried to get him out of this picture like 17 times, and he just wasn’t budging!

I think I’m going to be removing the couch. We had that in here when we were using this as our living room during our renovations, and it just doesn’t get used anymore (noooo, that has nothing to do with the fact that it’s been piled with crap). On top of that, we had a couch “issue” earlier this week where the one I bought for the basement (that I shouldn’t have been working on), didn’t exactly fit through the doorway.


Super proud of myself for measuring the space in the basement first to make sure it would fit, but not sure how much that matters if we can’t get it through the doorway. Ba-dum-bump. So I’m pretty sure the couch from the office is going to be making it’s way down to the basement where it will get tons of use from the kids and their friends.

Also, there are a couple things we can learn from all these pictures: 1) I collect couches 2) my dog is a camera hog.

I have a small settee in the basement (you can see it in the above picture) that I’ve been meaning to make over, that will go much better in this space. My daughter likes to come up sometimes and hang out with me after school, so she’ll still have a place to sit.

My dilemma is all these white shelving units I have. I wish there was a way I could push them together and make them look like one unit. I’m just not a fan of how they’re scattered all over the place. But they’re all different sizes and heights, so I’m not sure how possible that is.

white shelves in craft room

Stay tuned… I don’t give up easily!

And lastly, the green dresser. It’s from my daughter’s old bedroom and in pretty much perfect shape. But it’s green, and just doesn’t blend well. I’m so hesitant to paint something that’s in such good shape, but I think I might have to. I just need it to fit the style of the room and it’s not cutting it right now.

I did get a new pegboard painted and hung this week! Now I just have to fill it up! You can kind of see it in that back, right corner looking all boring and bland. Not for long, though!

Best part of cleaning so far?? I found a $200 gift card!!

gift card

Swear to you, it was buried under a pile of boxes about 3 high and when I lifted the last box, it was just laying there! Just like this surrounded by confetti! Don’t be too impressed, these strips of paper were all over the room, but still, they were HERE too… framing my long-lost gift card! I called my husband over who wasn’t nearly as excited as I was. Something about keeping track of these things to begin with… I stopped listening after a couple words and just reveled in my find!





Kristina @ Via B Design

Tuesday 11th of April 2017

Looks like that was a lot of work to clean up. Great to see you finished this project.

Nicki Parrish

Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I bet you can come up with a really creative way to combine all of those different shelves, and make them look fun and eclectic! Can't wait to see what you decide!

Erin @ Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

Monday 13th of March 2017

You are too funny! First, congrats on the $200 gift card. That's quite a score for organizing and decluttering :) Second, I get distracted too and it drives my hubby batty. Third... the couch. Hopefully you can get it up to your office.