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New Year’s Eve DIY Party Decorations

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

These New Year’s Eve DIY party decorations will bring sparkle and fun to your food and drink table! I partnered with Duck Tape brands to show you these fun ways to use their Duck Mirror®  and Duck Texture® tapes!

New Year's Even drink bar

When I’m planning a New Year’s Eve party, I’m pretty much on the hunt for all things sparkly and shiny! And if something isn’t already looking blingy, then I want to be able add my own little spin on it to get it that way!

This new Duck Mirror tape is a New Year’s Eve dream come true! It’s hard to capture in a photo just how shiny and reflective it really is without actually seeing me in the tape itself! It really is like a mirror!

Duck Tape Mirror Tape

Since we moved last year, I’m a big fan of not storing a ton of decorations and party supplies for each holiday anymore. But I still love to be festive and in the holiday spirit!

Adding Duck tape embellishments to some party supplies is the perfect compromise! Once the holiday is over, I can peel the decorations right off and I just have my normal pitcher and ice bucket back! No more storing double or triple of everything for each holiday.

I loved how easily the Duck tape cut with my Cricut. Let me rephrase that… I LOVED it!!

how to cut Duck tape with Cricut

If you aren’t familiar with how to use a Cricut, you can check out my beginner’s tutorial. I used those same easy concepts to type up a couple New Year’s Eve inspired words for this project.

I measured the height of my letters based on the height of the Duck tape and then lined everything up accordingly and hit cut. I had these letters typed up and cut within about 2 minutes!

How to cut Duck Tape with a Cricut

I even used the Cricut to cut out the pennant shapes. Once they were cut, I just folded them in half, placed a paper straw in the middle and then pressed it together so it stuck to itself.

Then I could add my letters by using a little transfer tape.

Can you cut Duck tape with a Cricut

I cut more pennant shapes out using the gold mirror tape and then smaller pennants using the Duck texture tape. It even cut through the texture tape with no issues at all.

How to cut Duck tape texture with Cricut

And since it’s Duck tape, you don’t have to worry about getting out any messy glue or other adhesive. You have all the adhesive you need on the backside of the Duck tape.

New Year's Eve DIY cupcake toppers with Duck Tape

And what’s a New year’s Eve party without a little fireworks display? For these, I cut off a piece of Duck Mirror tape that was about 10″ long. Then I folded it halfway and pressed it together.

This gives you a piece about 5″ long that is mirrored on both sides and all the sticky side is covered. Then I attached it to a paper straw and wrapped it tightly around the straw.

I used another piece of Duck Mirror tape to wrap around the bottom and secure it in place. Then just use sharp scissors to make small cuts from the top down towards the straw.

Once you have a bunch of cuts made, just start fanning out your fireworks!

New Year's Eve DIY cupcake toppers_

I love the way all of these came together and how festive they look for a get-together! They could easily be used as cupcake toppers or as drink stirrers!

Drink Stirrers DIY

I wanted to tie in the pink texture tape in more places, so I even added some around the rim of my ice bucket.

The texture tape tears easily (no scissors needed!), so this really took about 10 seconds total for a nice pop of color! And once the party is over, I can just peel it off with no issue!

New Year's Eve DIY dessert drink bar Duck Tape

But my very favorite part, is the drink pitcher I made! I LOVE how it turned out and might even leave the labels on past our New Year’s Eve party!

It’s just so graphic and fun, and I seriously can’t get enough of the gold sparkle!

how to personalize a holiday drink pitcher

This would be a great way to personalize some items for a birthday party too! I could easily see “Happy 16th Birthday” on the pitcher!

New Year's Eve DIY drink dessert bar

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve party? How would you use Duck Mirror or Duck Texture tape?

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