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Luau Party Dessert Ideas

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These Luau Party Dessert Ideas are perfect for a birthday or any summer bbq! An easy recipe for cake pops and a luau cake that can be made ahead of time and tastes delicious!

how to make luau cake and cake pops dessert table

Luau Party Ideas for Dessert

Is anybody else as ready for summer and warm weather as I am?? I’m ready to put my sweaters away, have my kids home and host some summer BBQ’s! What’s a summer picnic without some cute themed food, right?

These little Hula Girl cake pops were making me smile the entire time I was making them. They also were making me swat my daughter’s hands away, because she kept trying to swipe Welch’s Fruit Rolls. It’s a common problem around here. They taste delicious and there’s something so fun about unrolling them as you eat them!

How to make Luau hula girl cake pops

Normally I wouldn’t mind since fruit is the first ingredient, and they contain 100% daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E. But this time, I wasn’t sure exactly how many I needed for my luau party desserts, so she was just going to have to be patient!

It turns out, I didn’t need nearly as many as I expected! One box was enough to cover my cake and 1/2 dozen cake pops. And, yes, there were some scraps left over that I happily let my daughter snack on!

How to Make Hula Girl Cake Pops for Luau

How to make Luau cake pops

I wanted to show you a little progression of the cake pops as I made them.

  1. Unlike with my Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops, I took the easy way out with these cake pops and just baked yellow cake batter in a cake pop mold. Once they were baked and cooled, I removed them from the pan and turned them upside down so the narrow end was at the top. You might need to trim the bottom to get them to sit flat. Then I inserted popsicle sticks that I had dipped in some slightly melted frosting. Let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes until the frosting hardens.
  2. I tinted my frosting purple so it would blend the best with the Welch’s Fruit Rolls. I just used a small butter knife to spread the frosting on. You don’t need to be too particular about getting it nice looking since the fruit rolls will cover it.
  3. I unrolled my fruit rolls and used a pizza cutter to cut them into narrower strips. I cut each fruit roll into 4 strips going across.
  4. Just keep laying your fruit roll strips until you have the whole “skirt” covered.
  5.  Then I downloaded a picture of a hula girl and printed it on cardstock. Cut your image out and tape onto the popsicle stick.

how to make hula girl cake pops with fruit roll ups

Aren’t they adorable dancing in their grass skirts in the sand?! I just love how they turned out!

Luau birthday dessert table with cake pops

But every good party should have a cake, so I didn’t stop with just the cake pops.

How to Make a Luau Cake 

I started with 2 6″ cake rounds that I filled and then layered. I used the same purple buttercream to frost the outside of the cake rounds.

How to make a luau cake

You can see in the above picture that I didn’t frost the top since I would be covering that in a different color frosting. I cam up with a beach and ocean to decorate the top, but this cake also would have been a great candidate to transfer a picture onto the cake using an icing sheet.

I also didn’t worry about getting the sides too smooth since you’ll just be covering it with more fruit rolls.

Before I added the fruit rolls, though, I added some brown sugar sand around the base as an accent. I wanted the fruit roll skirt to look like it was fanning out on the sand, so I had to add it in this order.

Then I unrolled my Welch’s Fruit Rolls and used my pizza cutter again to cut them into narrower strips. This time, I just sliced it right down the  middle so each fruit roll became 2 skinnier strips.

Then I just placed them around the cake, pressing gently into the buttercream so they would stick. I also took one long strip and wound it around the top of the skirt to give it a nice, finished edge.

How to make a luau beach cake

I took some light blue frosting and used a small knife to spread it out on the top of the cake. Take care to not get it on the skirt too much so it stays looking neat.  After the blue was spread, I lightly touched the knife to some white buttercream and then dabbed it throughout the blue to make it look like ocean caps in the water.

I added a little more brown sugar in the  middle to look like a sand mound. Then I made some flip flops and a surfboard out of fondant that I accented with more Welch’s Fruit Rolls.

how to make fondant surfboard and flip flops

And what good is a grass skirt without a few flower accents! I just lightly rolled up some of my fruit roll scraps to make little flowers to attach to the skirt. You should be able to press them right to the skirt to get them to stick, but if you need a little help you can lightly put a drop of water on each one and then gently push it on.

How to make roses from fruit roll ups

I love the way the fruit rolls shimmer and give the cake so much dimension and color. Of course, it always tastes delicious when your guests go to eat it too!

How to make Luau hula girl cake

how to make luau skirt beach cake

It is really such an easy design for such a cute impact! In fact, it was so easy that my daughter was even helping me add the grass skirts to some of the cake pops!

Luau Hula Girl cake pops

Supplies Needed for Luau Party Ideas

  • Welch’s Fruit Rolls 
  • Cake Pop Mold Pan
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • White Fondant
  • Brown Sugar

Grab some Welch’s Fruit Rolls and get to baking!

Luau birthday dessert table



Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Pinned! You are absolutely brilliant! This is sooooo cute!


Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Aww, thank you! Can you tell I am ready for summer and some pool time!?