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Before and After Living Room Makeover

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Finally ready to share before and afters of our living room!

Before and after living room makeover
I’ve been a bit missing in action lately, and I could easily blame it on the fact that we painted our living room/dining room/everything room. But, honestly, that was 2.5 weeks ago and really didn’t take that long. We spent MUCH more time sitting around for the past 4 months staring at our high ceilings, feeling intimidated and wondering how in the heck we would ever get up that high ourselves without having to hire someone. So when it came time to actually get started and we were done in about 2 days, we were SO pleasantly surprised!

So, ummm, yeah, that’s not what took so long to post about it. What took me so long to post is the fact that I’m a freak. Once the walls were painted and looking fresh, I just had to paint the mantel. Once the room was clear from all the knick knacks, I had to rearrange everything. Once the pictures started getting put back out, I had to order new prints from more current pictures. Once I started hanging things on the walls, I had to start making new wall art. It’s a vicious cycle if you could see inside my brain! And while I’m still not completely satisfied, I’m happy enough to start sharing pictures! I won’t make you wait any longer… drumroll, please… the before and after living room makeover!

Here is where we started:

living room fireplace wall

living room wall before

We painted it this poop color when we moved in almost 8 years ago. Neither one of us has liked it since. In fact, when we painted it, my father-in-law did the first brush stroke and said, “Uhh, Natalie, come look at this and tell me if you like it.”. We were days away from moving in and I did a little there’s-nothing-to-do-about-it-now shrug and we proceeded to put 5 gallons on these walls. Nope, it never grew on me.

This time, we went with Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray and we LOVE it!

Living room fireplace wall in worldly gray

living room dining room wall worldly gray

It feels so much more open and airy in here now and really makes my greens and blues pop!


front door wall curtains before


front window wall in worldly gray


loft wall living room

staircase loft wall before


Foyer Loft wall in worldly gray 1

living room wall in worldly gray


dining room into sunroom before

This wall is still pretty incomplete and one of the reasons I have been holding off on posting!

But I will get there soon!!


piano and kitchen wall in worldly gray

This was our first time using Sherwin Williams paint and we are in love!! I’ll be completely honest, there were some touch-and-go moments in the beginning with the actual color. I may or may not have sent this text to a couple of friends while my hands were still covered in paint:


I’m here to tell you to calm the heck down. Don’t jump the gun. It totally goes on beige and dries grey! I think there were also some Jedi mind games going on because I was still painting it next to the poop color. Once I moved over here and could see just the grey with the white trim, I fell in love!

painting living room worldly grey sherwin williams

And in case you didn’t notice, we have some crazy high ceilings in this room with all kinds of angles up there too! I’ll be back tomorrow with tips on how to paint rooms with high ceilings WITHOUT hiring someone or using scaffolding!

Paint Info: Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray 7043

Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary paint by Sherwin Williams for this post, however we were not compensated. All opinions are 100% my own!


Michelle Quinno

Tuesday 10th of March 2015

It looks fabulous, Natalie! Great job. I go through the same panic mode every time we paint!


Tuesday 10th of March 2015

Thanks so much! Yes, I go through that panic mode every time too, and yet it keeps surprising me still! This one was particularly bad!!