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Fun + Easy DIY Spa Party for Girls: How to Plan a Kids Spa Party

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Plan an at home spa birthday party for girls with these tips, tricks and ideas for activities, crafts, food and decor.

A few years back, we helped throw a spa birthday party for my niece’s birthday.

I love a themed birthday party, so when I heard that both my sister and a friend of mine were both throwing a spa birthday party for their daughter’s birthdays that year, I couldn’t help myself: I had to help! 

I think a spa party is an awesome theme for a little girl’s birthday party, but it works for tweens and slightly older, too (at some point they become too cool for it until adulthood, when pampering yourself becomes awesome again).

We did it as a middle of the day kind of shindig, but it would also make a fabulous sleepover theme! Bonus of a middle of the afternoon timing is we didn’t need to provide a meal – just cute treats for the girls!

Note: This post was originally written in 2011. It’s since been updated to provide more information about how to throw a kids spa party and to better serve readers.

Girls Spa Party Invitations

Soon after my friend and sister told me they were both doing a spa day theme for their daughter’s birthday parties, I found some adorable sleep mask shaped invitations online. 

I sent the link to my sister. Sure enough, a week or so later, I received this in the mail. 

An eye mask shaped birthday party invitation with a glittery white eye mask made of paper on a blue card  backing


Girls Spa Party Ideas

Because I had so much fun helping my sister plan her kids spa party, I thought I’d share so you can plan one of your own.

Below, you’ll find all the details from the DIY spa birthday party for girls that we threw for my niece, plus a few extra kids spa party ideas.

Worth noting, we set the party up like a typical spa day. We had different spa services making up each station, as well as a waiting area with activities.

Each girl got a personalized schedule when they arrived, which described the order of their spa treatment activities.

Personalized spa menu printed at home describing different pampering stations at a spa party for kids

We had it set up to have two kids at each station, with everybody rotating at the same time. Because of this, we had 4 different versions of the personalized spa schedule to ensure no overlap at the different pampering tables.

We rounded it out with cute food and spa themed party favors for each attendee (who all happened to be little girls), and the entire day was an absolute blast!

Kids Spa Party Pampering Stations

We had four stations set up, and several girls rotated between each station, along with a “waiting” station. Here’s a photo of one of the schedules one of the girls got – so simple and cute!

Foot Pampering Station

Maybe its because I was on my feet a lot getting ready for the party, but one of my favorite spa party stations was the foot pampering station.

A collage image of 4 photos showing a foot soak station at a kids spa party. The photos include a young girl soaking her feet in a foot bath, a close up shot of eye masks, of rolled towels, and of the foot soak table which has different foot sprays and soaking salts

We set up two separate spa style foot baths with warm water, and each girl chose from different soaking salts to add to the water for their own personalized beauty treatment.

As they enjoyed a mini soak, they each got an eye mask to put on so they could lean back and rest, in true spa style!

The foot bath was followed by a spritz of refreshing foot spray.

Materials for Each Foot Pampering Station:

Facial Station

A facial station is a perfect activity for a kids spa party, and our attendees loved it. Plus, watching a whole bunch of little girls chillaxing with cucumbers over their eyes is pretty darn cute!

A collage with a young girl wearing a face mask with cucumbers over her eyes and a detailed shot of a table with different face masks and cucumber slices

For our facial station, we had store bought masks the girls could choose from, with cucumber slices for each eye! Definitely go for peel-off masks, as they’re cleaner than those you have to wipe off.

I also suggest you keep fresh face cloths nearby, so each girl can wipe off any excess mask once their spa treatment is complete.

Materials for the Facial Station

  • Several Peel Off Masks to Choose from
  • Face cloths for each girl to wipe off any excess mask
  • Cucumber slices for everyone’s eyes
  • A comfortable chair for each girl at the station.

Manicure Station

As expected, the manicure station at our kids spa party was a total hit. Kids seem to love getting their nail polish on, and our party attendees were no different.

The nail station was DIY, so each girl could buff, trim, and shape as she pleased, and choose and apply her nail polish. We set up a table full of different nail polish colors, nail decals, hand creams and lotions, and nail care tools, and let each girl go to town.

Of course, you could also switch it up and have a “manicurist” adult man the station and do the manicures. It really just depends on how many adults you have available and how many attendees you’re planning on.

Materials for the Manicure Station

Waiting Areas

We had 8 girls at the birthday spa, with 2 girls at each station, and everyone rotated at the same time. So while we had 2 girls each at the foot soak, facial, and manicure stations, we had two girls who were…doing nothing.

To solve this, we created a fun waiting area, just like at a real spa.

We got a whole bunch of age appropriate magazines for the girls to read, and had some comfy chairs and foot stools so they could put their feet up while they waited. We also set up the waiting area near the refreshments table so the girls could grab some treats while they waited.

Materials for the Waiting Station

  • A range of age appropriate magazines, and a basket or somewhere to display them
  • Comfy chairs and foot stools
  • Any cute waiting room extras you think of, like cucumber water

Additional Ideas to Throw the Perfect Spa Party

Dress Code for Spa Parties

We asked each girl to come dressed in her PJs for the spa party, which worked out well. They were all super comfy, and it had the feeling of being like a sleepover, but was in the middle of the day which was extra fun!

Depending on your budget, you could also splash out and get some Girls Robes for Spa Party. Kids satin robes are surprisingly affordable on Etsy, and could replace a typical favor bag, especially for a smaller group.

Girls Spa Party Activities

Ribbon Flip Flops

This was a fun craft activity for a kids spa party. Before the party, we prepared a bucket full of different styles, colors, and lengths of ribbon pieces.

Each girl got a set of flip flops, and they simply tied different ribbons around the foot piece to make their own unique flip flop masterpieces!

At the end, they got to take the flip flops home as part of their favor bag.

A collage showing ribbon flip flops made as a craft at a kids spa party for little girls. The photos show the completed flip flops, as well as the original flip flops in a bucket and a bucket of ribbon scraps to use in the activity.

Musical Toe Nail Polish

This was a really fun game!

All 8 girls sat in a circle, each holding a bottle containing a different color of polish.

As the music played, they passed the nail polish around. And when the music stopped, they had to paint one toenail with the nail polish they happened to have in their hands at that moment!

They kept playing until they had nail polish on all 10 toes!

A birds eye photo of young girls' legs and feet together in a circle. Their toenails are painted different colors.

Ideas for Additional Pampering Stations

We had 8 attendees rotating through 3 pampering stations plus a waiting area. However, if you need more pampering stations, I thought I’d share a few ideas below:

  • Makeup and Beauty Area: Depending on how old your attendees are, you could get some nice palettes for each girl to use. For hygiene’s sake, you don’t want to share makeup or brushes between attendees, so look for an affordable brand where you can get some for each girl, or find creative ways to get around this while keeping everyone safe. One easy way to do this with liquid makeup (i.e. tinted moisturizer) is to pour the makeup into separate dishes and use single use cotton swabs to apply. For powdered makeup (i.e. eye shadow), each girl could choose their own color out of a selection, and again use single use applicators to apply. You could also add fun makeup to the mix, like glitter, which could be applied with each girls finger tips, thereby removing the hygiene issue.
  • Hair Salon: We didn’t touch the girls’ hair, but you could easily have an area dedicated to doing fancy hair for each girl, such as french braids or rolls with cute decorations and clips.

Kids Spa Party Snacks and Treats

In addition to cucumber water, we prepared a range of different treats, from marshmallow pops to chocolate caramel tarts to birthday cupcakes with cute spa party cupcake toppers.

A collage showing different treats made for a girls spa birthday party. The photos show marshmallow pops, cupcakes with spa cupcake toppers, spa themed water bottles and cookies and wafers.

Girls Spa Party Favors

In addition to the flip flops and eye masks which each girl got to take home, we set up a table of party favors and each attendee could fill her bag with one of each favor.

A collage showing 4 images from a spa party for kids themed birthday party. The favor table includes bags with each attendees names on them, nail files, towels, foot scrub brushes, lip gloss and nail polish.

On our favor table, we had toe separators, foot scrubbing brushes (a brush on one side and a pumice stone on the other side), bejewelled emory boards, polish, and lip gloss.

However, you could definitely go crazy and include ideas like a bath bomb, kid-safe essential oils, lip balm, bath beads…let your imagination run wild!

Amazon actually sells great little spa party favor packs filled with multiple pieces that girls would love.

For younger girls, bath color tablets would be a cute addition to a favor bag.

Final Thoughts About Throwing a Girl Spa Party

Did I mention I love helping to throw parties? This was such a fun one, and the girls had an absolute blast.

It really was such a sweet party, and despite how it looks it was pretty simple to put together.

I hope you’ve been inspired by our mini spa birthday party, and are excited to throw your own!

A Pinterest Pin with a young girl lying on a bed in her robe with cucumber slices over her eyes. The text says Spa Party How to Throw a Spa Birthday Party


Friday 24th of June 2022

My daughter asked for a spa party this year, and this wonderful post gave me SO many ideas THANK YOU!


Wednesday 1st of February 2012

Love it! My daughter's b-day is in a few months and I know she would love this!

Heidi Rew

Tuesday 31st of January 2012

I love your spa party! It is sooo cute! I bet your daughter absolutely loved it! I'm a newbie to your blog & I love it! <3 Heidi Rew from


Monday 21st of March 2011

I saw your party on A Glimpse Inside. This party is so so cute! I will have to remember this for when I {hopefully} have a little girl!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

Monday 21st of March 2011

What a sweet party! I love every little detail!