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Hunger Games Shirt!!

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I am SO excited for The Hunger Games movie!

I probably should back up and explain why this is such a big deal… I really don’t watch movies.
As in, maybe a couple times a year I’ll watch a movie and sometimes even then I don’t last through the whole thing.  Sometimes I think I want to be a movie-watcher.  I tell myself to just think like a movie-watcher and get in the mood.  But then about 45 minutes in, I start getting antsy.

But not this time.  I will sit and I will stare and I won’t drink a thing because there’s no way
I’m getting up to go to the bathroom.  Although, that might be tricky because I’m going
with my mom and sisters and one of them (ahem, young little 21 year-old!!) is making
us go to the midnight showing!!  So I might have to drink something just to get some
caffeine in my system, unless someone can invent a caffeine-IV between now and next Thursday.

So, while you guys work on that, I thought I’d show you what I’ll be wearing!!

This was my first dabble into freezer paper stenciling and I was pretty pleased.  I used this font, because, for whatever reason (wink, wink) it just seemed right. There was some bleeding and it took me longer than I expected (don’t even take into account the fact that I was making dinner, hot gluing another project, watching a kickball game and tending to a sick husband all at the same time).  None of that really mattered, it just took longer than I expected!  But, no worries, I’m not really thinking this is a shirt I’ll wear lots of different places, so I’m pleased with the way it turned out!

Who else is as excited as me???  Who’s your favorite character?  Don’t the previews look spot-on??


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