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How to Cover Popcorn Ceilings

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This post was sponsored by Armstrong Ceilings as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

Armstrong Ceilings is the easiest way to show you how to cover popcorn ceilings without killing your neck or breaking the bank!

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

I’m not one to shy away from DIY projects or getting dirty. I pretty much spent all of this past spring ripping down drywall, removing brick walls, tearing out carpet and so much more.

I can hang with the demo crowd and jump right in there.

But there is one thing I will not touch… popcorn ceilings.

A few years ago, a friend moved into an older home that needed lots of updates. I offered to come over and help her paint. Somehow that turned into scraping popcorn ceilings.

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

(Q-Schmidtz teaches how to patch popcorn ceiling in this post!)

I swear to you, I love this friend. I really do. But I made sure she heard loud and clear that we will be done if the phrase “popcorn ceiling” is ever uttered by her again.

It didn’t help that it was in the middle of a hot, humid summer and I wanted to cry about 10 minutes into wearing those goggles. But they are SO necessary, because scraping a popcorn ceiling is no messy joke.

We won’t even talk about how it took my neck about 2 months to feel normal again. Apparently my body is not cut out for standing on a ladder for hours with my head twisted at an awkward angle. Honestly, I don’t know anyone’s body who is made for that.

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

Via Q-Schmitz

And at the end of all of that hard work, you’re left with just a regular flat ceiling that still needs painted! That’s when you really feel like crying, because even when you’re done with the scraping part… you know you still need to patch, prime, paint and maybe even tape!

And then when you finally really are done… it just looks like a ceiling. There’s nothing special about it and nobody will ever walk in and say, “What a gorgeous white ceiling!”. You just did all that hard work for it to blend in and nobody to ever notice it.

The true DIY-er in me, looks at labor-intensive projects like this as a challenge. If I’m going to invest that much time and resources, I want it to noticeable at the end.

The solution that I’ve been sharing with everyone who asks is Armstrong Ceilings. They have Easy Up Installation Tracks that you attach your planks right to.

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

Not only do they go up quickly and easily, but in the end you’re left with a ceiling that will make your jaw drop! They’re gorgeous and you walk away from the DIY project feeling like you accomplished something tangible!

Their planks that you install are paintable and stainable, so you can get a totally customizable look for your home! It will look like it’s straight out of an episode of Fixer Upper!

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

The best part is that you can get started right away to cover up those throw-back ceilings! Armstrong Ceilings are available on end caps in specific Lowe’s stores in Pennsylvania, so you can go home with them that very same day!

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping

If they aren’t available at your Lowe’s, you can still special order them from another store and have them within the week! Soon you’ll be sharing your own before and after pictures!

Be sure to visit Armstrong Ceilings on Facebook and on Twitter for more inspiration pictures and ideas!

how to cover popcorn ceilings without scraping