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Holiday Gift Guide for the Baker

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Over the last few years of owning a bakery, I was able to see first-hand how many people out there are interested in baking and cake decorating!  I had no idea! Not just adults either. There was always a steady flow of kids and teenagers coming into the bakery wanting to talk about the latest baked good they made or a cool tool they picked up.

I also had classes over the years to teach basic decorating techniques, and I always passed out a list with some of my favorite tools that I used. I LOVED it when the customers would come back later to tell me they actually purchased some of the items and would then show me pictures of some of the cakes they had been working on! There’s nothing quite like being an inspiration to someone and watching them get excited about it!

Today I’ve compiled a list of some of those must-haves for the person in your life who is interested in baking and cake decorating!  Do you have someone on your list who is addicted to Cupcake Wars or Cake Boss??  Surprise them this holiday season by helping them stock up on some of the essentials!

 Kitchenaid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer in Cinnamon

A good stand mixer really can make a difference in your baked goods!  I didn’t have one for about 3 months recently, and my buttercream wasn’t smooth, my bread dough wasn’t kneaded as well, and I was definitely going through withdrawal! I’m of the firm belief that every baker needs a good stand mixer!

Prepworks 19-piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

I love this set, because it was completely functional but still fun to look at and work with! It also is a completely comprehensive set that includes both measuring cups and spoons, so there’s no need to purchase 2 separate sets!

Better Homes and Gardens Plaid Cookbook

Every house needs one good, solid cookbook and the Better Homes and Gardens plaid cookbook is the standard, in my opinion! It covers recipes from every category and is filled with tips and suggestions to improve your skills! It’s been my go-to cookbook for nearly 20 years!

Farberware 3-piece Cookie Sheet Set

Don’t just think cookies with these pans. I use them for sponge cakes, cake rolls, candy making and so much more!  Cookie sheets are definitely the #1 used pan in my house.

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

This is a great rolling pin to use for bread doughs and pie crusts The marble stays cool longer than a wooden one would, which keeps your dough from becoming too soft. It also is fairly heavy on purpose to help apply pressure to the dough and ease the strain on your hands and wrists. This is also a great rolling pin to use for fondant.

Black & Decker Mini Chopper

This is the exact mini chopper I have, and I cannot even begin to tell you how often I use it! I use it to chop nuts, chocolate, candy for stir-ins, fruit, onions and on and on and on! This is one of the most used items in my kitchen and I might just be in love with it!

Pizza Cutter

I use a pizza cutter more than I do a knife! It’s fantastic for slicing up cinnamon rolls, cutting your pie dough, slicing through fondant.  It slices straight through with nice, clean cuts without tearing the way a knife usually does.

Wilton Rotating Cake Stand

If you’re buying for someone who is even mildly interested in cake decorating, a turn table is a MUST! It will completely change the way you decorate cakes! I prefer this one because it is a raised a bit as opposed to some that are closer to the table. It has a non-slip surface, so your cake will stay put as you’re decorating it and the base can lock in place if you need it to. My skill level changed immediately once I purchased a turn table!

Wilton Decorating Tip Set

This is a great starter set of tips for someone who is interested in decorating. With these tips, you’ll be able to do bead borders, shell borders, writing, grass, roses, leaves, star fill-ins and much more!

Disposable Pastry Bags

I know you’ll read everywhere that you can just use sandwich baggies, but I’m here to tell you that it’s just not the same. The way you grip it is different and the sturdiness of the bag isn’t really comparable. If you’re buying someone a decorating tips set, you really need to also get them some pastry bags.  This is a great price for this set of 100 bags!

Angled Spatula

An angled spatula is a must for decorating a cake! You will be amazed at the difference that slight angle makes as opposed to using a straight knife! I also use this to spread chocolate on bars and a multitude of other things! Another one of my favorite products!


I am THE WORST at wearing an apron and THE BEST at ruining all of my clothes because of it!  Trust me, an apron should be a requirement in a kitchen if you don’t want to be constantly shelling out money for new clothes!