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Handmade Star Trek Gift

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Star Trek was a huge part of my childhood, so this Wreath of Kahn was the perfect handmade Christmas gift for my brother!

Handmade Star Trek Christmas gift

For about the past 5 years, my family does a homemade gift exchange. The adults exchange names to see who they’re making a gift for, and the grandkids exchange names with their cousins to see who they get to create something for.

It is hands-down our favorite part of Christmas morning! My family just amazes me with what they come up with and how perfect they are for the person receiving it. The gifts really do mean something!

A couple years ago, my sister made a Wreath of Kahn for my Stark Trek-loving brother. You would think it might be hard to make something for a late 20-something year old guy, but this was perfect!

Star Trek cast

My family also loves puns (okay, maybe just me but I know they like them), so this play of words on Wrath of Kahn seriously made us laugh out loud.

It also made me want to make my own! And it really couldn’t have been any easier or made me giggle anymore. I hung it on our back door, since that’s the door our family uses frequently and we got a good laugh pretty much every time we walked past it.

Supplies for Handmade Star Trek Gift:

  • Wreath
  • Wrath of Kahn pictures
  • Laminator
  • Ornament hooks
  • faux poinsettia picks

Directions to make Wreath of Kahn:

  • I used a live evergreen wreath, because I was able to find one, but this faux version is a good alternative, though, and is always a good option since it will last year to year!Handmade Star Trek gift Wreath of Kahn
  • I just did a Google search for Wreath of Kahn pictures. I printed off some of my favorites and sized them to about 2”x3” based on the size of my wreath.Handmade Star Trek gift Wrath of Kahn
  • Then I ran them through the laminator and trimmed.Homemade Star Trek Christmas wreath
  • Poke an ornament hook through the laminated picture and hang on your wreath.
  • Add some poinsettia picks for color and you’re done!

Wrath of Kahn cast

That’s it!! Isn’t that pretty much the easiest wreath you’ve ever made! But it packs such a punch, because it is so unexpected!

Add on the director’s cut DVD and a Wrath of Kahn t-shirt and your Star Trek fan will have a pretty fantastic gift to open!

And we can all say a big thank you to my sister for coming up with this idea, because my brain does not work like this at all!! But isn’t it fantastic?! A Wreath of Kahn!!

Handmade Wrath of Kahn Star Trek Christmas gift