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Halloween Pudding Cups!

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These Halloween pudding cups were super easy and my daughter helped a ton since they were for her class at school!

She drew all the faces on the cups with a black Sharpie, while I made 9 batches of vanilla pudding that I tinted green.  Then we crushed some Oreos to sprinkle on top of the pudding.

30 cups later, we are all ready for her class tomorrow!  I found my cups at The Dollar Tree.  You basically just want a cup that’s fairly small so it looks full but isn’t like 18 servings worth of pudding.  I don’t remember exactly, but I think mine were 4 oz. cups.  I would have loved to find the ones with the lids, but wasn’t able to track those down.  Somebody let me know if you do find them, though!

Supply List:

Super, super easy!

We used vanilla pudding because they were for her class and I didn’t want to bring pistachio and worry about nut allergies.  If you’re just making these for your kids, though, and know that they would eat pistachio… then go for it and you can just skip the food dye!
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