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Halloween Party Favor Bags

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These Halloween party favor bags do double-duty as food for the party as well! Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make with your Cricut and inexpensive!

how to make Halloween popcorn bags with cricut vinyl

When we have parties, we usually go all out with the invites. I’m not really a fan of putting together an entire party and opening up my house for 5 people.

Nope, invite 60 people, I say.

And we usually do. I’ll let my kids each invite about 20-25 kids and then we have some adults stay as well. It’s fun, it’s festive and it is definitely a full house!

Which means that I can’t go all out then with the food. We’d rather invite more people and have to go cheap-o on the other stuff than go without our friends being there!

So I’m constantly challenging myself to come up with ways to keep the food festive and the tables full, but not to spend that much money. My Halloween Cookie Pie, Monster Chocolate Chip Mint Dip, and Halloween Pudding Cups are great examples of easy and affordable.

And so is popcorn!

how to make Halloween favor bags with cricut vinyl

Popcorn is nearly always the answer!

  • It is ridiculously inexpensive to make or buy
  • nearly everyone loves it
  • it fills your guests up quickly
  • and it takes up A TON of space on the food table, so you don’t feel like you need to fill it with other things!

Since we’re talking Halloween parties today, I wanted to share how I dress my popcorn up to get in the spirit of the season.

These little Halloween-themed bags make it easy for guests to just grab one from the table and walk around with it (without making a mess!). Plus, the paper bags are much cheaper than paper plates or bowls!

And don’t they just look cuter?? Line these up on either end of your buffet table, and you barely need any other decorations. They work perfectly for kids’ or adult parties!

The best part is that they’re incredibly easy to make with your Cricut (or other vinyl cutting machine).

how to make Halloween bags with cricut machine

Supplies to Make Halloween Party Favor Bags:

Directions to Make Halloween Party Favor Bags:

    1. I opened up a new project in my Cricut Design Space and then clicked on insert images on the left sidebar.
    2. From there I just searched for Halloween Images and then inserted the images I to create favor bags with Cricut for Halloween Party


    1. I re-sized them to fit my bag. I kept mine right around 4″ (or a little less) for a standard size paper bag.
    2. A few of the images I chose had layers in case you wanted to layer different colors. Since I wasn’t interested in that for this project, I just removed the extra layers using the right sidebar.
    3. Cut them out with the Cricut and then use transfer tape to transfer them to your paper bag. Just make sure you put it low enough on your bag that it isn’t hidden when you fold the top of the bag down. The higher you put it, the more popcorn you’re going to have to use to fill it!how to create popcorn bags using cricut


    1. Once the vinyl is attached, open the paper bag and carefully fold the top edge down. I folded them down about 3 times to make Halloween bags using cricut


  1. Try to fill your bags with the popcorn as close to party time as you can so that you don’t get grease spots on the bag! Enjoy!

how to make Halloween bags with cricut vinyl

Looking for other easy and inexpensive ways to throw a Halloween party?

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DIY Halloween glasses with Cricut

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frankenstein pudding cups halloween dessert school snack

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