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Halloween Costumes!

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We’re back, the candy is sorted and the kids are conked out.  A complete success.

My son’s costume was pretty much the easiest thing ever. He was Finn the Human (never heard of him before!) and my cousin made his hat, he picked out his clothes and I just told him he looked great.

My daughter decided on a Chinese take-out box, so I found this pin on Pinterest that linked to HGTV. I printed it out, bought some posterboard at Dollar Tree and worked on it in the back of the car one day while she was at dance and piano.  $3 in posterboard, one red marker and an hour and a half later, we were all done!

I just used clear packing tape to tape it to the empty box we found. I did trim up the box flaps a little so they angled inwards instead of just straight up.

We took a wire hanger and unfolded it to be the handle for her takeout box. We just poked it through the sides and put duct tape on the inside of the box to hold it in place.

We grabbed a pair of chopsticks for her hair accessory and we were done!

And my husband’s costume for our adult party over the weekend???

Oh yeah, he let me dress him up as God’s Gift to Women.   heehee, it’s only funny because it is SO not his personality!!

And guess what?  Another cheap and easy costume from yours truly! While I was at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed a large gift bag for a bike, a piece of posterboard and a giant bow.  Come on, this is seriously the easiest costume in the history of ever.

and just because you’re all asking, I was a very fitting Smarty Pants.

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