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Grinch Christmas Party: 12 How the Grinch Stole Christmas Party Ideas

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A Grinch Christmas Party is perfect for kids of nearly any age. Keep reading for my best Grinch Party ideas for games, food, and decor!

A few years ago, I was looking for Christmas party ideas for my daughter’s class. After going deep into the Internet rabbit home, I came up with a Grinch Who Stole Christmas party.

You see, my daughter’s teacher absolutely loved the Grinch. So I figured a Grinch party would be fun for both the teacher and the class.

I spent a fair bit of time coming up with fun Grinch Christmas party ideas. And a lot of time pulling it all together. Everyone had an absolute blast. And while I can’t claim I threw the best Grinch Christmas party ever, it was pretty darn great.

Because my Grinch party was such a hit, I figured I’d share all my Grinch party ideas in one place.

If you’re planning a Grinch Christmas party for your kids, feel free to use these Grinch Christmas ideas. I’ve listed out the different party supplies needed as well as linking out to additional inspiration.

If you’re planning a Grinch inspired party this year, keep reading! Below you’ll find my best tips for throwing a How the Grinch Stole Christmas party.

A pinterest pin about throwing a How the Grinch Stole Christmas  Party. The image shows a decorated Christmas tree, a Grinch christmas craft, and a Grinch Christmas game.

Best Grinch Christmas Party Games

Un-Decorate the Christmas Tree

This is a fun team game, whereby each team races against one another. It’s also super easy to set up.

Take 2 small Christmas trees or shrubs. I just put Christmas decorations on two shrubs from my front porch.

Split the players into two groups. Each team has to race to get the Christmas tree undecorated and put all the ornaments into a Grinch-style cinch sack.

What You’ll Need: 2 small artificial Christmas trees, 2 Christmas cinch sacs, unbreakable Christmas ornaments

A small kids artificial Christmas  tree decorated inside an elementary school classroom

Pin The Heart on the Grinch

I made a giant Grinch out of poster paper, and laminated it so it stays nice for future Grinch parties! I also cut out some colored paper hearts, and put sticky tape on the back of each. Each child should write their name on their heart.

Play the game just like pin the tail on the donkey.

What You’ll Need: A large sheet of Grinch green paper, red colored paper for Grinch hearts, double sided tape, a marker or pen for writing names.

A homemade Grinch made out of paper and laminated  for a Pin the Heart on the Grinch party game

Grinch Christmas Crafts: A Grinch Ornament

Whenever I can, I like to add a craft station at a kids party. My Grinch party was no different!

I cut out the shapes ahead of time, and put all the pieces for one Grinch craft in a baggie. That way the kids just had to do some gluing and drawing to make their craft.

I based it on this Grinch craft from Jean’s Crafty Corner and just modified them to turn it into a Grinch Christmas ornament.

What You’ll Need: Grinch pieces cut out in advance, ribbon, markers and glue

A Grinch  Christmas tree ornament made from scrapbook paper

Another fun Christmas craft idea would be making a Grinch green paper doily Christmas tree!

Grinch Present Stealing Game

I also set up a game that’s similar to an obstacle course. The kids had to “steal” Christmas presents from Whoville and take them back up the mountain.

My husband wrapped a ton of empty boxes as presents. The kids had to pile all the gifts on a plastic sled. For fun, they also place a stuffed dog (Max) on top of the sled with a Santa hat on him. And then pull the sled around all the obstacles without anything presents falling off. Just like when the Grinch stole Christmas and took all the presents back to his lair.

The picture below is terrible, because I had to crop it a lot to get all the kids’ faces out. Hopefully you get the picture!

What You’ll Need: Empty boxes wrapped as Christmas presents, a stuffed dog to play Max, a plastic sleigh, obstacle course pieces (pylons would work).

A blurry  photo of a kids obstacle game based  on the  Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The photo shows wrapped presents being pulled in a sled  indoors.

Knock The Grinch Off the Mountain Grinch Party Game

Our other game station was a Minute-To-Win-It style game. 

I painted a bunch of empty milk jugs to look like the Grinch. Then I put them on wrapped boxes of different heights. The kids had a belt around their waist, with a tennis ball tied to a string in the back. They had to knock the milk jugs off the boxes by swinging the ball. They could only hit it with the ball. 

Just like knocking the Grinch off the mountain!

What You’ll Need: Empty milk jugs painted like the Grinch, empty boxes of different heights to place the milk jugs on, tennis ball string and belt.

Empty milk jugs painted green with  a grinch face on top of wrapped present boxes as part of a Minute To Win it Grinch Party Game

Grinch Party Snacks

Lumps of Coal

I made brownies in mini muffin tins to look like lumps of coal. Any old box mix will do, or you can use my ultimate fudge brownie recipe.

Grinch Pudding Cups

I used vanilla pudding cups and called them Who Pudding for something super simple.

However, if I had to do it again and had the time, I would modify my Frankenstein Monster Pudding cups to be Grinch pudding cups.

You can draw the Grinch face on the cups, or use Grinch Face Stickers and Santa Hat cupcake toppers!

A Grinch Party snack of vanilla  pudding  cups

Grinch Marshmallow Pops

Start with my Caramel Marshmallow Pops recipe, but use green candy melts instead of chocolate for the outer coating. Pop a candy heart on for a Grinch heart!

Green Popcorn

You can buy green popcorn, or dye it yourself!

Grinch Goodie Bags

I also made up little party favors bags for each kid. Of course, I neglected to get pictures of what was inside! So I’ll list it here instead:

The picture on the front is a gift tag my mom put on one of my son’s gifts last year. I just saved it and then made copies and glued them down.

I can’t find the exact gift tag on Amazon to share with you. But I did find these Grinch stickers which would work great, too!

Grinch party favor bags

DIY Grinch Party Decorations

For the most part, the activities and food was enough to feel decorated, especially for a school party. If you’re throwing this party at home, you might want to add some Grinch Christmas party decorations too. There are a ton on Amazon to choose from!

However, I did make on DIY Grinch decoration that I love, so I wanted to share it here as well.

Grinch Canvas

As I mentioned, my daughter’s teacher that year loved the Grinch. So for a quick Christmas gift I made her a canvas sign with one of my favorite quotes!

A homemade Grinch party decoration on a green canvas with black lettering. The canvas has a quote, "Maybe Christmas, he thought doesn't  come from a store. Maybe Christmas,  perhaps...means a little bit more" and the quote is  attributed  to The Grinch

This was super-easy since I already had a stash of canvases that I spray painted green. Then I whipped out the words with my Cricut and some black vinyl.

Supply list for canvas sign:

Green spay paint


Black vinyl

Transfer Tape

Bonus Grinch Holiday Party Idea

Countdown to Christmas Grinch Advent Calendar

If you’re throwing a Grinch party for your kids class, I highly recommend adding this Grinch Advent Calendar. It’s also fun if you’re throwing the Grinch party for your kids at home. It’s a fun way to countdown to the party. Or you could use it as a true advent calendar to countdown to Christmas.

This project was inspired by Chica and Jo! They made an Advent calendar out of an over-the-door shoe organizer. They put a card with a page from the Grinch book in every pocket. Each day, you turn over the card and read a bit of the story together.

You can buy their story cards as downloads on their website, making this a super easy project to make.

This advent calendar is even easier than my random acts of kindness advent calendar and my activity advent calendar!

All I did was buy a clear plastic shoe organizer. Then I hot-glued red ribbon on for trim and green sparkly ribbon for a little pop!

A homemade Grinch advent calendar made of a plastic shoe organizer

I made sure to laminate the cards so the teacher can use it for many years to come.

A close up photo of the homemade Grinch advent calendar showing  parts of the story in  each window of a plastic shoe organizer

Chica and Jo use a plush Grinch doll in each pocket and moved it along as a marker from day-to-day. I couldn’t find anything like that, so I made my own. 

I grabbed a paint stick from the garage, hot-glued more ribbon onto it, then hot-glued a Grinch gift tag onto that.

A  grinch gift tag on the end of a red paint stick to  be used as a marker in a homemade Grinch party advent calendar

Final Thoughts About My Grinch Party

Overall, a ton of fun (hopefully the kids agree!), but extremely happy it’s over! 

I hope you got plenty of Grinch party ideas from this post, and have a fun Grinch Christmas for yourself!

Long live the Grinch!

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