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Grilled Cheese… Adult-Style

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I just inhaled one of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches, so I thought I’d spread the love and share with y’all  (impressive talk for somebody from PA, huh??).



All you need is fresh California Avocados, fresh mozzarella and a thin layer of pepperoni.  Tomatoes would have been great, but you’ll have to take that up with the hubster who made his sandwich first. grrrr…

The pepperoni gives it a nice subtle little kick, and really, is there anything in this world that isn’t better with avocado??  No. The answer is no.

  (and it’s not actually burnt, I just prefer wheat bread so it looks darker)

Editing because I’ve gotten a lot of emails/comments asking for a specific recipe:  It’s really just a grilled cheese!  I’m not sure exactly what to put for the recipe… I spread some butter on a slice of bread and put it butter-side down on a skillet over medium heat.  Next put a fresh slice of mozzarella, then a thin layer of pepperoni, thick slices of avocado to cover the whole sandwich and then another slice of buttered-bread.  When you’re ready to flip it, I put one spatula on the bottom and one on top to hold it together (avocado can be slippery!).  When I have tomatoes, I add those in as well!  There’s really not much too it… just your normal grilled cheese with a couple extra things thrown in!

And because we all have a little bit of a kid left in us… it’s best served on a Goldilocks plate with a side of Mike’s.  Perfection.

A great ending to a chilly day!

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