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Golf and Trucks!!

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Neither of which am I “into”, but it was a customer order and actually a lot of fun!

She wanted golf cupcakes and a truck cake for her dad’s 60th… specifically a ’49 Chevy that looked like his truck!

For the putting green, I didn’t really have a cookie cutter for the shape I wanted so I polished off my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi (one of the best things evah!!) and used some scissors and finger power until I had the shape I wanted. Worked like a charm!

Then I made the rest of the fondant decorations and once they had set to dry for a couple hours, I just “glued” them together with the tiniest dab of water.

Then I boxed them all up so they were nice and pretty! I get such a kick out of the cupcake inserts, makes me feel all professional and junk.

For the cake, I sketched out the sketch she sent me, so it could be the size I wanted.  Then I cut out each individual piece and labeled it with the right color.  I just laid each piece on the fondant and cut it out with a paring knife!  Easy peasy!

After I had the cake frosted, I assembled my truck and piped on the words!

And now for an upclose of the silver!  When I was just beginning it was looking pretty bland and flat grey. So I brushed on some silver dust (I forget the technical Wilton name), and it got all nice and sparkly and more truck-looking.

She seemed pleased with the cakes and cupcakes!  Hopefully her dad was too.  Either way, I got an apple dabble cake out of the deal!  Yes, my customer brought me sweets!  What??

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