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Gold Foiled Cupcake Toppers

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Once you see how easy it is, you will have gold foiled everything!! Cupcake toppers, printables, gift tags, banners… I can’t stop!

minc gold foil machine cupcake topper printables

A couple weeks ago when I was at the blog conference, SNAP, American Crafts had a booth where they were showcasing the new Anna Griffin Minc machine. Guys, I’ve been to lots of conferences and get my fair share of products sent me to me pretty often, and I have never been quite so obsessed with a product before!!

anna griffin minc machine

This little beauty is amazing!! It could not be any easier to use, and you get gorgeous results in just seconds!! I want to gold foil and glitter everything!

Step #1 is to get one of these machines in your house! No worries, I’m going to make this easy for you too. You can grab it through this affiliate link to the Anna Griffin 6″ Minc Machine! It’s really such a steal for how often you will use it!

minc gold foil machine

You get a ridiculous amount of product in this bundle and can start creating immediately!

Included in your bundle:

  • 6″ Minc Machine
  • 3 plastic carrier sheets (6×12, 6×7, 6×3)
  • 50 6×7 foil sheets (10 each of five colors)
  • 4 glitter sheets
  • 6 toner sheets
  • 130 die cut accessories

You do need to make sure you use a laser printer (toner) or have it printed at a copy center in order for the gold foil to adhere. Luckily for me, I stockpile printers and had about 7 to choose from! Yes, my husband is just thrilled with this little quirk of mine.

Buuut, it turns out I didn’t even use a printer this time! I had all these plans to create my own project, but then I looked through the die cuts that came with the bundle and loved them!

We decided to make some quick cupcake toppers and had these done in about 5 minutes start to finish!

minc gold foil machine how to instructions

1) Take your die cut or printed paper and lay it image up in the carrier sheet (it will accept up to a 6″ wide sheet)

2) Place the gold foil shiny side up on top of the die cut (we cut the foil to size using sharp scissors)

3) Close the carrier sheet and feed it through your Minc Machine (same concept as a laminator). We used heat setting 3 and it worked perfectly!

4) Once it emerges from the other side, remove the gold foil and your piece is ready to use!

It really is amazing how such a tiny, lightweight machine can provide such gorgeous results! It has evenly distributed pressure rollers and heat elements that ensure consistently, uniform results. You know what that means?? It’s practically Natalie-proof!! ; )  Plus, since we are talking about me and I tend to “collect” way too much stuff, I love how tiny this is so I can store it really easily! Although, I’m pretty sure it will be living on my dining room table for the next couple months!

Just look at how much detail you can get on this machine!

minc gold foil machine butterfly

You can also make your background black and your text white and then foil it.

minc gold foil cupcake topper

Your bundle also comes with glitter sheets. To use these, you place the glitter side down, but feed it through the same way.

minc gold foil machine birthday cupcake toppers

We attached paper straws to the back and popped them right into our cupcakes! These would be great for a bridal shower or wedding, a birthday party, a pick-me-up for a friend or neighbor!

minc gold foil machine cupcake toppers

You can make printables or little treat bags. This little bag would be perfect to put a cookie in and pass out as favors!

minc gold foil machine printables

You can even use your Anna Griffin Minc machine for glassine bags, cardstock, chipboard and more! I see a banner in my near future!

But, first, more cupcakes…

minc gold foil machine birthday party cupcake toppers

Puh-lease come back and show me all your foil projects!! I want to ooh and ahh with you!

Learn how to make gold foil cupcake toppers at home!


Michelle Quinno

Thursday 21st of May 2015

Your cupcakes look amazing! Love the gold foil toppers too!