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Glitter Photo Christmas Card Holder

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 Disclosure:  I received products and/or compensation for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own.
christmas card display glitter mod podge

When I was growing up, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season was getting Christmas cards in the mail!  My mom would tack them all over the arched doorway that led into our kitchen and I’d stalk the mail waiting for more to come in!  With Facebook and ecards, we don’t seem to get nearly as many these years as we used to, but when we do get them, I want them to stand out and pop!  Let them have center stage!  So when I received some Glitter Mod Podge and Sparkle Paint, I knew I’d be using it in some way to let make Christmas cards feel special and important!

This could not have been any cheaper and was pretty simple too!  Umm, yes, those are two key elements if you are going to attempt any craft during the holiday season.  Keep it easy and cheap.  Can we get that on a bumper sticker, please??


Scrap piece of wood (whatever size you can find or works with your space.  Mine was 23″x4.5″)
FolkArt apple red acrylic paint
FolkArt white acrylic paint
Mod Podge Extreme Glitter
scrapbook paper
craft wire

1)  Make sure your wood is clean of debris and then paint with one coat of red.  This doesn’t have to be a thick or perfect coat. It’s just an undercoat so you can see some color peeking through when you distress it.

folkart apple red paint

2) After it has dried, paint with 2 coats of white allowing for dry time in between coats

3) After paint has dried, sand the edges lightly so you can see the red come through in spots.  I love just the hint of red that you get using this method.

4) Cut your phrase or design out of your scrapbook paper.  I used a glitter paper to up the oomph factor and cut the letters out with my Silhouette.  You could easily hand-cut them using a stencil.

5)  Arrange your letters on the wood and carefully apply a thin layer of the Mod Podge Glitter.  After it has dried, apply another coat until you have the desired amount of glitter.  I really wanted mine sparkly, so I applied 4 coats.

mod podge glitter

6)  Using a thick craft wire, bend it into spirals that will hold your cards.  I used a nail and hammer to lightly punch a hole in the top of my wood and then just inserted the craft wire into the hole.


This would also be perfect for the paper crafts that your kids make you, but you aren’t really sure where to display them!  Or for all the holiday photos you’ve collected through the years!

christmas card art work display

It’s hard to capture it on the camera, but it really does sparkle and catch your eye as you’re walking through!  I love looking at it! And because the glitter is in the Mod Podge, there’s no chance of it flaking off and us finding glitter all over the carpet for the next couple months (yes, you just heard my husband breathe a sigh of relief).

christmas card display mod podge glitter

And this is something you’ll rarely hear a blogger admit to, but the picture below is pretty rotten quality, but I’m throwing it in anyways!  It seems the best way to get a decent picture of the glitter effect was to go with a poorly taken photo with the sun glaring on it!  But isn’t it pretty how you can see it sparkle?!

christmas card display

If you aren’t familiar with Mod Podge, get yourself acquainted quickly, because it is essential to a crafter’s happiness!

 christmas card display glitter mod podge
Disclosure:  I received products and/or compensation for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own.


Monday 18th of November 2013

i NEVER know what to do with all the christmas cards...this is so cute


Monday 18th of November 2013

Hey! I added your blog to the PA Bloggers map. ( Please make sure that everything is accurate and spelled correctly on both the map portion and the alphabetical list. Thanks for adding your blog!

Happy Blogging!