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Frozen Chicken Cordon Bleu

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

For those busy nights when you still want a delicious dinner, frozen chicken cordon bleu is the answer! A delicious meal that is fancy enough for company, this chicken cordon bleu goes well with just about any side and is on the table with minimal prep time.

If there’s one thing that the majority of people can probably agree with, it’s that the holidays are busy.


From gift buying to wrapping to parties to kids’ activities… there’s no shortage of things to remember and manage during the holiday season. And while we’re doing all that schedule juggling, we’re also trying to really enjoy it!

Sometimes that can be the hardest part. I remember when my kids were younger and I’d do everything I could to make the holidays magical for them, but at the end of the day I barely had the energy to crawl into bed before starting it all over the next day.

At some point, it dawned on me that I could let go of some things and the magic of the holiday season didn’t diminish at all. It was okay to not volunteer for every single activity at my kids’ school. It wasn’t a big deal to order gifts online rather than have to head to 16 different stores in search of the perfect gift.

And the change that made the biggest impact??

It was okay to take some shortcuts at dinnertime without sacrificing quality or flavor!

My favorite tip for enjoying the holidays is to always be prepared and eliminate stress whenever you can! Barber Foods ® frozen entrees are ready to help you with both of these goals. With impressive entrees that deliver on quality, you’ve saved yourself a significant amount of prep time and are ready to go even on those days that have an extra dose of craziness.

Hands down, the Barber Foods Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken Breasts are a favorite here in my house. High-quality chicken, hand-stuffed with quality ingredients like ham and cheese, the only struggle with this meal is keeping enough on-hand for my hungry teens. I love that these come individually packaged so they can just pull one out as needed!

As a parent, I love them because not only do they provide me extra time to spend with my family rather than in the kitchen, but I know there will be no grumbling at dinner time! I mean, that’s priceless any time of the year but during the busy holidays when stress levels are high anyway, I don’t need one more thing to worry about.

You know what else frozen chicken cordon bleu is good for?


Sprinkle a little freshly grated parmesan and some parsley on top, and you have a meal ready to go for any unexpected guests. I usually pair it with a bagged salad that I dress up with some dried cranberries and sliced almonds, and your convenience dinner turns into a gourmet meal.

I promise, you will enjoy your holidays more if you swing by the frozen section and stock up on some Barber Foods Cordon Bleu Stuffed Chicken Breasts before the season gets too crazy! It will make your family happy, fill your house with a delicious smell and eliminate some stress during the busiest time of the year!

white tray with chicken cordon blue with one cut open in the front and two whole in the back