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Easy Potato Recipes for Fall

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Every year when Fall rolls around, people start screaming about pumpkin spice. I’m over here, “Just give me all the easy potato recipes, please!!”. This collection of potato recipes will have your family anxious for dinner each night!


A few months ago, I even shared with you my new DIY Potato & Onion Rack. Yes, I love potatoes so much that I even design my crafts around them! That is some serious devotion, friends.

how to make produce wall rack

I had a few comments about storing the potatoes out in the open like this and questioning why I stored them together. Apparently storing potatoes and onions together makes them spoil faster.

  1. I do keep the potatoes and onions in the separate baskets… just like I show in the picture. I’ve actually never heard this theory before (or maybe it’s an actual fact), but I think the way I have them keeps them far enough apart that it isn’t a concern.
  2. My kitchen is pretty dark. Unfortunately. I’d gladly give up this produce storage if I could get some natural sunlight in the kitchen, but that just isn’t the case.The only windows in our kitchen look out onto our deck. From there, it’s another 20′ or so until you hit sunlight, because we have an awning that covers our entire deck. Perfect to enjoy the outdoors in the shade, but it doesn’t let a lot of light into the kitchen.

how to build a wood scrap DIY produce rack

Also, we just eat a lot of potatoes and onions!! We go through them fast enough, that I don’t see this being an issue even once we take the awning down for winter. You can build your own produce rack following these easy directions.

how to DIY a produce rack

One of our favorite ways to go through potatoes quickly is these Parmesan Potato Wedges. We probably make some version of these once a week. 

Sometimes we add Old Bay and serve them with shrimp and corn on the cob, sometimes we add some paprika to spice them up a bit. Customize them to your family’s taste, but just make them! So addicting!

Parmesan Baked Potatoes

We also use potatoes nearly every week for fresh hashbrowns! The key to making the shredding go fast, so you don’t just buckle down and pay tons more for bags of frozen hashbrowns, is to get a mandoline. With the julienne blade on a mandoline, you can shred 2-3 potatoes in about a minute or two!

And fresh is always better, isn’t it?! Yes. The answer is yes. We use them in our freezer breakfast burritos as well. So even if we aren’t chopping up a potato every day, we’re still usually eating them in one form or another! 

Freezer Breakfast Burritos Recipe

A fun twist, is to use sweet potatoes for this Cheesy Sweet Potato Stuffed Pepper dish. We try to have a meatless dinner at least once a week, and this is a delicious way to incorporate that. Still filling and lots of flavor! 


Another fun recipe we tried for the first time this summer, was these Chicken and Kumquat Shish Kebabs. This recipe came about as a challenge to try to use some new produce- kumquats and purple potatoes.

The kumquat marinade has a citrus flavor to it that paired perfectly with the chicken and potatoes! 


And now I’m going to be kind and pass my obsession onto all of you! How amazing do all of these potato recipes sound??
1. Crispy Cheesy Potato Stacks
2. Melting Sweet Potatoes with Maple-Pecan Sauce
3. Easy Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe
4. Sweet Potato Brownies
5. Mini Overstuffed Baked Potato Recipe
6. Loaded Baked Potato Pizza
7. 3 Ingredient Easy Potato Soup
8. Slow Cooker Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes
9. Roasted Potatoes Zucchini
11. Scalloped Potatoes
12. Potato Bacon Chowder
13. Mashed Potato Bites
14. Homemade Potato Gnocchi
15. Hasselback Potatoes
16. Homemade Potato Chip Dip


Don’t forget to grab some of my favorite supplies to make your potato recipes a breeze! These are affiliate links, but your price remains the same!

Mandoline– seriously make sure your kitchen has one of these! I already told you how you can make hashbrowns, but you can also slice them thinly (and evenly) for scalloped potatoes and more! I also use my mandoline for onions, tomatoes, carrots and on and on. One of those gadgets that gets used daily!

Vegetable Peeler– A veggie peeler is the only way to peel potatoes in my opinion. Inexpensive and it does the job quickly!

Stoneware– When I’m baking my potatoes (like the parmesan wedge recipe above), I always cook my potatoes in stoneware. It gives it a nice crispy edge, and just tastes better.

Cast Iron Skillet– For frying potatoes or hashbrowns on the stove top, I am fully convinced that a cast iron skillet is the only way to go. Once you go cast iron, you’ll never go back! A well-seasoned pan gives so much flavor and lets your potatoes fry with a nice crispy coating without having to use a lot of oil! Score!

easy potato recipes for fall


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