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Easy Halloween Chicken Dinner

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Rather than spend too much time making a holiday themed dinner on an already busy night, try this easy Halloween Chicken dinner that your whole family will love!

For many years, I spent most of Halloween scrambling around with last minute costume prep. Then, because I don’t understand moderation, I’d run in circles trying to create a themed holiday meal that would impress my kids.

The problem is, though, that we were so rushed that they barely ever saw the meal that I spent so much time on! They’d hurry home from school, we’d do our little de-briefing, I’d kick them out of the kitchen so they didn’t spoil their surprise… and that would give them exactly 5.2 minutes to scarf down a meal before we had to change into costumes and head out the door for Trick or Treat!

It was a madhouse and a meal that I spent waaaay too long preparing on a day that was already crazy busy.

But I’m here today to tell you that I’ve learned! I have learned my lesson, and while I won’t ever be able to bring myself to not create a themed meal, I’ve learned how to simplify it.

With some Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken from the grocer’s freezer, some mashed potatoes and a can of olives… I feel like I can actually enjoy the holiday without feeling like I just finished running a marathon.

Seriously, this can’t even really be considered a recipe, because I kept it SO simple! You’d never know that, though, because the flavor of the Fire Grilled Wildflower Honey BBQ Drumsticks are amazing! And since my kids always go for the drumsticks anyway, this was the perfect opportunity to bring a little of the dark side into our Halloween meal!

I struggled a bit while standing in front of the grocery display case! There were so many incredible flavors to choose from (like Bourbon BBQ, Lemon Herb, and Buffalo Ranch). But the Wildflower Honey BBQ drumsticks won out and I’m so glad it did! Now we get to save the other flavors for another busy night, because goodness knows our weeks are filled with them even if there isn’t a holiday!

My hands-on time for this recipe was less than 5 minutes! They literally come out of the bag like this… already seasoned and full of flavor and ready to pop in the oven!

That is not a mistake… less than 5 minutes! The Cooked Perfect Premium Fire Grilled Chicken is already pre-cooked, you just have to heat it up in the oven! It took about 25 minutes to cook, I made instant mashed potatoes (we’re going for convenience on busy nights, remember!), and then quick sliced up some olives for spider legs.

I used to make individually shaped Halloween meals for everyone, but using one serving platter was so much easier.

Just spread your mashed potatoes on the platter first. Then layer your drumsticks on top of the mashed potatoes to give the appearance of bones. Finally, arrange your olive slices over the mashed potatoes and chicken so it looks like spiders are crawling over the bones!

If you’re feeling up to it, you can follow it up with my Halloween Cookie Pie, but honestly the kids are going to get enough sugar from trick or treating. If ever there was a night to skip on dessert, am I right?

That’s it! Not only does it look cool, but it tastes amazing! The chicken is grilled over an open fire to lock in its natural juices, which results in a perfectly tender drumstick! So much flavor and a great amount of meat on each piece!

How amazing is that to create a dark side Halloween meal for your family but only have to spend about 5 minutes in the kitchen?! I’ll take it!

Be sure to Browse recipes and save $1.50 using Cooked Perfect Premium Fire Grilled Chicken! Find Fire Grilled Chicken at your local store, and maybe I’ll see you there when I head back to my grocer’s freezer soon for more!