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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

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An Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt is the perfect kids’ activity any year, but especially for this year while we all are home with our immediate families! It will keep your kids busy, have them working together to solve the clues and help explain a little bit why they can’t go visit the Easter bunny or family members this year.

*Be sure to read till the bottom of the post to find the downloadable files

a sheet of paper with Easter egg scavenger hunt clues and plastic eggs beside it

This year is tough. For so many reasons, but one thing I’m really struggling with is Easter. It’s the one holiday that I host every single year for anywhere from 30-40 or so family members. We have adult egg hunts, kid egg hunts, a delicious meal that everyone helps with and fun Easter baskets waiting for my kids when they wake up.

And while we can’t celebrate the Easter holiday in the normal way this year, there are still things we can do to bring some normalcy and fun to our kids’ lives. 

I had my sister, who happens to be a preschool teacher, help me write a poem for young kids and then I added some scavenger hunt clues. 

Easter egg scavenger hunt clues

You can use a few of the clues or all of them. Whichever ones you can make fit for your house! I also included a blank sheet of clues in case you want to come up with a few of your own.

Or use the blank sheet to make the clues a little (or a lot!) harder for your teens or spouse. Easter celebrations know no age limit, so let’s create some fun for everyone. 

piece of paper with Easter Bunny poem and plastic eggs beside it

What happens when they reach the end of the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt??

Well, that’s completely up to you and what you’re able to find in your area! Everyone has a different comfort level with going out to grocery stores or other essential businesses. Depending on where you live, you also have different access and timelines when it comes to having things delivered.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, though! Give yourself grace if you don’t have the traditional Easter basket this year. In fact, this is the perfect year to have their Easter surprise be something that will keep them busy for the next month while we’re all still at home.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

There are so many ways we can still be creative at home while we celebrate Easter!

Order a few things now so they arrive in time, print off your Easter Bunny poem and scavenger hunt clues and make the most of this holiday at home!

If you’re able to, please consider ignoring every single link above and ordering something from a local small business in your area!

I know many small businesses in my town are offering contact-less delivery or have online shops set up. You may be able to find nearly all of these things from a small business owner who could really use your support right now! 

Click on the items to download:

Easter Bunny Poem

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

Blank Scavenger Hunt Cards


I hope everyone has a family-filled and memorable Easter holiday this year! We’re still planning on trying to keep it as normal as possible with our monkey bread for breakfast, ham dinner and bunny butt cupcakes for dessert! It will be much smaller, but it will still be filled with love! 

A Pinterest pin with photos of an Easter Egg scavenger hunt with clues and a poem. The text says Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt free printables and poem for a stay-at-home celebration