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Dress Up Headquarters

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Like the bad blogger that I am (honest, I’m working on it!), I don’t have a before shot of this.  Just picture your standard, tall dresser.  With missing drawers and broken supports.

Here’s a shot of the back of the dresser so you can see the original “look” it sported!

This dresser sat in my parents’ shed for many, many years. I’m not really sure why nobody ever got rid of it, but I’m glad they didn’t!  The frame itself was very solid and I loved how the sides looked like horizontal “planks”.

So, with plenty of eye-rolling from my hubby, I took the dresser home and got to work.  I completely gutted the inside and took a hand saw (is that what they’re called??) and just sawed away all the drawer supports.  I tried to get everything as smooth and flush on the sides as I could. Then the eye-rolling husband (who is actually super supportive and only does the eye roll if it’s accompanied by a smile) cut a piece of plywood for me to fit on the bottom. We nailed that in place and then I painted the whole thing with some oops paint I had picked up somewhere along the line.

Then I took some batting I had laying around and stapled gunned it to the inside walls.  Next I found some fabric (yes, I have A LOT laying around!!), and stapled that all around to cover the batting.  Hot glued some ribbon on top cover up the staples and the inside was looking good!

I found a curtain spring rod in the basement from the previous owners that I stuck in the inside and used my Cricut to cut some vinyl out to label the bins. I picked the bins up at The Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago thinking I would use them for Easter baskets and then forgot about them!

I had some wooden knobs I was going to paint and try to screw in, but then BAM!! I remembered I had some flower knobs leftover from a dresser I redid about 7 years ago!  I can’t believe that not only have I not done anything with these in 7 years, but that I knew exactly where to go to find them!!

I hot glued 4 on one side for necklaces and 2 on the other side for hats.





Rearranged some things on top and we were ready to call it a day!


The best part?? I managed to do the whole thing and only spend $2.12 out of pocket for the bins!  Everything else was free or pulled from my stash! This could easily be modified for a boys’ room to house all the superhero get-ups I know you all have!


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