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Dog Cupcakes

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My niece’s birthday was this weekend, which reminded me that I still need to go through all my old pictures and post all the cakes and cupcakes that I made in my pre-blogging days.
Well, that and I’m still dealing with this migraine, so nothing too fancy 
going on over here until I get to the doctor tonight! 
I can’t even remember how long ago I made these, but I’m going to guess 4 or maybe 5 years ago?
These were a lot of fun to make, and I just wish the pictures had turned out a little sharper!  
I don’t know what any of these dogs are supposed to be, so we’ll just go with colors.
The white dog had a miniature marshmallow under the nose for added height and then I just frosted over it.  The tongue is a Starburst that I microwaved for about 5 seconds and then used kitchen shears to cut to look like a tongue and make an indent down the middle.  The ears are min marshmallows cut in half and then the cut side dipped in pink sprinkles.  The nose is a Junior Mint cut in half and the eyes are mini M & M’s.  Just a lot of piping for this one, but it’s my favorite!
The bluish-purple dog had a large marshmallow under the nose for height and then everything else was pretty much the same- Starburst for tongue, Junior Mint for nose, M & M’s for eyes and miniature marshmallows dipped in sprinkles for ears.
The floppy-eared dog is more of the same, except his ears are Tootsie Rolls that I microwaved for about 5 seconds, rolled flat and then cut with kitchen shears.

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