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DIY Halloween Glasses

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You can make a set of these DIY Halloween glasses in under 15 minutes, so you have plenty of time to party!

DIY Halloween glasses with Cricut

The last time we moved, I found a box in a storage room that was nothing Halloween cups. Plastic cups, ceramic mugs, water bottles shaped like pumpkins. All kinds of holiday drinking ware that was lost and forgotten in a storage room for years.

And I promptly took that entire box to our local Goodwill and haven’t missed them for one second since.

We just do not need to be storing different glasses and mugs for every different season. There isn’t room and it certainly isn’t necessary!

But don’t mistake that for me thinking that not going all out for holidays isn’t necessary. Holiday decorating, holiday themed food and holiday clothes are all completely essential and necessary in this house.

how to DIY Halloween glasses with Cricut

These DIY Halloween Glasses are the perfect compromise between trying to scale back on clutter and still bringing some holiday cheer into the house!

The glasses are actually our normal, every day glasses. We use them constantly for juice, wine and more. But normally, they’re just the clear glass.

With my Cricut, it’s easy to quick cut some black vinyl, adhere it and it feels like you have brand new drinking glasses for the whole month of October!

DIY Halloween glasses mugs with Cricut

DIY Halloween Glasses Supplies:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Vinyl, Midnight

Cricut Transfer Tape

Blank drinking glasses or mugs

Supplies to make DIY Halloween drinking glasses with Cricut

DIY Halloween Glasses Directions:

  1. Find the designs you want to cut using your Cricut.
  2. I opened a new project and then clicked on “Insert Image” in the left sidebar.
  3. From there I entered “Halloween” in the search bar. There are hundreds of images to choose from. I chose 4 that all had an image in a circle because it looked cohesive and similar to a complete set you could find in a store.
  4. I measure my glasses and sized my images appropriately. Mine ended up being 2.208″ wide each.Halloween Mugs Cricut Vinyl SVG Cut Files
  5. I loaded the black vinyl onto the cutting mat and let the Cricut do it’s thing and cut it out.DIY Halloween drinking glasses with Cricut SVG files
  6. Using transfer tape, I applied the designs to each glass and I was done!DIY Halloween drinking glasses with Cricut SVG_

Fun, festive glasses that get us in the Halloween spirit in less than 15 minutes and for probably less than $1 worth of vinyl!  In fact, these designs are so small that you can probably find some vinyl scraps in your stash to create them with!

The best part is, that as soon as it hits November 1st, I can peel these designs off and you’ll never know they were there! Then I just have to find Thanksgiving designs to replace them with, then Christmas and New Year’s…

It’s seriously possibly to get an entire year worth of various holiday-themed glasses out of the same glass! No more boxes filling up your storage room with things that only get used for a few weeks a year!

DIY Halloween drinking glasses with Cricut

And if 15 minute crafts are your style, there are lots more being shared throughout the month! Check in with our hosts daily to see how much Halloween magic you can work with your Cricut:

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These Halloween Popcorn Bags would go perfectly with your glasses! It’s a great way to fill up the food table at a party without spending a lot of money!

how to make Halloween popcorn bags with cricut vinyl

These scrap wood ghosts are another easy Halloween craft that can be made in under 15 minutes! You can even use your Cricut to cut out the shapes for the faces to make it go faster!

scrap wood Halloween ghosts out fo 2x4s

Or use your Cricut to cut out Frankenstein faces for some Halloween Pudding Cups! I wish I would have had my Cricut when I first made these! It would have made the job go SO much faster!

frankenstein pudding cups halloween dessert school snack

Here are some other posts that will help you throw the best Halloween Party yet!

And don’t forget to pin today’s project so you can make your own glasses for each holiday!

How to Make DIY Halloween Glasses with Cricut


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Such a great idea to make for a Halloween Party!

Charynn Olsheski

Monday 11th of September 2017

Perfect! Love these!

Angie Holden

Monday 11th of September 2017

So spooky and perfect for a party!