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DIY Deer Artwork

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Oh deer gallery wall

Is it normal to walk up your stairs and chuckle?

To catch a glance at a wall in your living room and snort?

This “Oh Deer” artwork I made last spring is still one of my favorite pieces in my living room because PLAY ON WORDS, people!! Ahhh, a play on words is just wonderful.

Oh deer silhouette wall art


And, yet, I can look at it and think it’s beautiful too. It’s got the whole rustic wood, white and gold thing going on with the pop of turquoise. So, yeah, some of the biggest trends of this year and I’m still the girl who is still debating about chevron. But trends or not, I’m loving my DIY Deer artwork!

Super simple to make too! I bought this unfinished deer head on one of those daily deal sites. It looks similar to this one on Amazon, but check around for the exact size you want.

Mine is 12″ like the one I linked to and then I just cut some scrap pieces of wood to fit the way I liked. There was absolutely NO rhyme or reason to the size of my wood. It looked good with the size of the deer head. That was the extent of my thinking!

Oh deer set-up

The first thing I did was lay the wood pieces together as tightly as I could get them. Then I used wood glue spread on leftover paint sticks to attach to the back. I even used a paint stick that had already been used with the dry white paint on it and everything! The paint sticks are the only way the wood pieces are held together and they’ve been hanging on the wall for about 2 years (and even survived a move!). I also attached a sawtooth hanger to the back while I was there.

oh deer art assembly

I painted my deer head white and the antlers gold using acrylic craft paint. Once it was dry, I spread tacky glue on the antlers and sprinkled gold glitter on them.

Deer silhouette glitter antlers

The “OH” letters were just free-handed using some turquoise acrylic paint. The little turquoise pom pom garland was something I picked up in the dollar section at Michael’s.

The deer head is attached to the wood using 2 3M Command Strips.

And that’s it! I swear it took me longer to type this out than it did to make it! Super easy, and super charming! Ding, ding! Winner!

Here are some of the products I used to make my Oh Deer wall art:

Oh deer DIY wall art




Michelle Quinno

Wednesday 4th of November 2015

This is fantastic! So creative!


Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Thank you so much! We love it too!