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DIY Christmas Chalkboard Signs

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Create your own DIY Christmas chalkboard signs that would be perfect for ornaments, placecards, gift tags or even just to display with your holiday decorations!

how to make DIY chalkboard Christmas signs - A Turtle's Life for Me

Earlier this year, my sister had purchased these mini chalkboards to use on the buffet at my sister-in-law’s baby shower. After I erased all the menu items (that just had me craving dip and cupcakes), I was left with some adorable mini chalkboards just staring at me.

When I was asked to participate in the holiday crafting challenge using our Cricut, I knew I wanted to incorporate these little chalkboards somehow. I just can’t seem to get enough of those bright, vivid colors against the chalkboard backdrop. For some reason I like holiday chalkboard projects!

DIY Handmade chalkboard wood signs- A Turtle's Life for Me

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And I know I sound like a broken record, but this was such a fast and easy project! By using my Cricut and some of the projects already created in Design Space, I was able to make all 3 in less than 15 minutes.

That timer starts as soon as I sit down and open up Design Space until I had these set up and ready to photograph.

Now, I’ll admit that part is what takes me the longest because I haaaate photography. But the actual crafting part is just my speed!

how to make DIY chalkboard Christmas signs with Cricut vinyl

Supplies to Make DIY Christmas Chalkboard Signs

Cricut Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Weeding Tool for Vinyl
Chalkboard Signs
Ribbon (optional)

DIY Handmade chalkboard wood signs

Directions to Make DIY Christmas Chalkboard Signs

If you want to make the same signs I did, open up Design Space and go to these projects

I have already sized those files to fit the exact chalkboard ornaments I linked to in the supply list. All you need to do is load your vinyl on your mat and follow the instructions on your Cricut. If you need a little refresher, be sure to check out my Cricut for Beginners post.

Now I’ll be honest here, there are occasionally times that I skip the transfer tape part. When I was making the Joyeux Noel sign, it was easier to just pick the little red arrow pieces up and place them individually.

DIY Handmade chalkboard wood signs with Cricut vinyl

But when it comes time for lettering, I NEVER skip the transfer tape. It seriously is essential to making sure your letters don’t warp at all and any individual stragglers (I’m looking at you dots) are still lined up perfectly. So use the transfer tape, friends.

Another tip that I underestimated for way too long, is how much faster the project goes when you use a weeding tool. I’m the girl who likes to pick at tape and price stickers, so I assumed that my fingernails would work just fine when it came to weeding.

It is sooooo not the same thing! That tiny little point on the weeding tool makes the job go so quickly and doesn’t ding up the edges of the vinyl the way my nails sometimes would! Especially when you’re working with a font as tiny as this one is… some of those center dots are super tiny! No issue at all, though, for the weeding tool!

how to weed cricut vinyl

Since these chalkboards come with their own little easels, they’re ready to use immediately as part of your holiday display.

Or you could hot glue some ribbon on the back and use them as decorations on your Christmas tree or garland!

how to make DIY chalkboard Christmas wood ornaments

I didn’t get a chance to make some other options, but how adorable would they be as place cards too? Just cut out your guests name with vinyl and you could place their name in the center of the wreath instead of Merry & Bright!

Or have these be the food labels for your buffet table (be sure to add my chalkboard cookies to the table)! Or used in combo with my chalkboard centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!


how to make DIY chalkboard Christmas wood signs with garland

I’m on 3 different parties/holidays now with these chalkboards, and they have more than paid for themselves! Love a good deal like that!

And I love anything that gets me in the holiday spirit! Check out some of the projects the other bloggers created using their Cricut! I love seeing all the ways that people use their Cricuts!

And be sure to PIN this post so you’ll remember to use this for your next craft project!

DIY Chalkboard Holiday Signs

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Michelle from Weekend Craft

Sunday 10th of December 2017

It's amazing how fast projects go with your Cricut. You are totally right photography takes longer than the actual projects. Love how these came out. The graphics are simply stunning. Thanks so much for joining us on the first month of the challenge. I hope you join us next month!


Sunday 10th of December 2017

Girl, you're a crafter after my own heart, recycling like that! And they are so cute. I'd probably have to make twice as many since I can't decide how I like them better: as place cards or ornaments on the tree! Pinning!