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DIY Chalkboard Centerpiece

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Our holiday meals are pretty much always served buffet style. I mean, when you’re hosting 30-40 people, sitting at a table is usually out of the question, amiright?!

So our food gets spread out on counters, sideboards and sometimes even tables (gasp!). Which also means that I never really get the chance to try my hand at setting a pretty table or creating a  beautiful centerpiece.

Until… (insert drumroll)…now!!

Holiday Menu Centerpiece made from scrap wood and paint sticks! Super simple assembly, but looks great and expensive!

This DIY chalkboard centerpiece great because you can use it on the back of a buffet if that’s all you’ve got to work with! Plus, once your hosting gig is up, just erase your menu and put up a quote and you’ve still got a gorgeous decoration! You could also combine this with my DIY holiday chalkboard mini signs as placecards (and then serve chalkboard sugar cookies to round out the theme!)

It’s just a simple box made from scrap wood and paint sticks, but it looks expensive and makes a great impact. (psst, that’s pretty much the definition of my decorating style!)

Supply List:

(1) 1x10x8 (for large chalkboard centerpiece)

Wood glue

1 ½” finishing nails

(4) 5-gallon paint sticks

Wood finish (I chose stain, but you could paint yours if you choose!)

Chalkboard paint

(1) DIAMOND In-Shell Mixed Nuts

Gold spray paint

Green floral wire


Assorted artificial flowers and greens

*Wood can vary with sizes and widths, so always measure your own pieces for the most accurate fit.

Holiday Centerpiece Supply List

Step 1:

To make the large chalkboard box: follow the diagram below and cut your wood to size. Cut 2 of the paint sticks 9.25” and 2 of them 11.25”.

Holiday Centerpiece Cut List

Holiday Centerpiece Assembly

Step 2:

Using wood glue, attach one of the sides (5.25”) to the bottom of your box. Use finishing nails to secure it.

Holiday Centerpiece Side Assembly

Step 3:

Attach the front of the box (13.5”) to the side and bottom using wood glue and finishing nails. Repeat for the back piece and then finally the last side.

Holiday Centerpiece Unfinished Box

Step 4:

Sand and then wipe clean your box. Use the wood finish of your choice to finish the box. I used MinWax Dark Walnut Stain, but you could also paint if you choose. Stain the entire back and both sides. I stained about an inch down on the insides and a slight overlap on the front of box as shown in the picture. You should also stain your 4 paint sticks at this time. Be sure to get the sides of the paint sticks as well.

Holiday Centerpiece Chalkboard

Step 5:

Paint the front of your box with chalkboard paint and let dry.

Once it’s dry, attach your paint sticks to the front of the box using wood glue.

Holiday Centerpiece Chalkboard Front

Step 6:

Fill your box with Styrofoam and arrange your assorted greens and flowers inside. You can also cover the Styrofoam with Spanish moss if you choose to camouflage it even more. The final touch is to add your DIAMOND Nuts! I spray painted mine gold for an extra flair.

Holiday Centerpiece

Holiday Floral Centerpiece with Nuts

Of course, if you are one of those people who actually eats a holiday dinner at a table, you can still use this for your centerpiece!

Holiday Menu Centerpiece Planter

I also made 2 small wood boxes to complement the DIY chalkboard centerpiece. Totally optional, but I wanted to provide the cut list in case you’re interested. The assembly is just like the large box.

Holiday Small Boxes Cut List

Holiday Small Boxes

Simple DIY Centerpieces for your holiday table