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Cupcake Toppers for Baby Shower

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My sisters and I recently hosted a Woodland Animals Baby Shower for our sister-in-law and I have so much to share with you from it! The first thing, though, was probably also the easiest! I made these cupcake toppers for baby shower using my new Cricut Explore Air!

Cupcake Toppers with cardstock for baby shower 1

How cute are they?!

Remember last week when I introduced the Cricut Explore Air to you and told you that I had my first project completed within 12 minutes of taking this from the box for the first time??

Cutting Glitter Cardstock in Cricut
This was that project! As soon as I plugged my machine in, I logged into Design Space and knew I was looking for Woodland animals. Yanno, because the shower was 2 days away, and I’m a procrastinator. 🙁

No worries, though, you can stick to your procrastinating ways too, because this eliminated SO much time I would have spent cutting these out by hand! In Design Space, I searched for a deer, fox, owl, bear and hedgehog.

deer in design space

There were lots of options for each animal (189 for deer alone!), but I just went with the ones that would give me the cleanest outlines. I made sure to weld all the designs so that it didn’t cut out any of the specific details (ex. eyes, polka dots, etc.).

Woodland Animals Cupcake Toppers

And I know… I’m missing the hedgehog in the first picture. It’s actually really sad to me, because I think he was my favorite! The hedgehog from Design Space actually had a little flower coming out of his snout (is that what they’re called on hedgehogs??). But I just trimmed it away to make it a little more of a clean outline.

But in addition to being a procrastinator, apparently I’m forgetful and left him on the other table when I was taking these pictures! But I got some of him in the actual display at the shower!

Woodland Creatures Cupcake Toppers for baby shower

Honestly, the hedgehog is what made me want to weep with joy that I had a Cricut to do the work for me. Just look at all that detail! It would have taken me so long to handcut and it never would have looked as sharp!

Cutting Glitter Cardstock in Cricut for cupcake toppers

Once I (ahem, the Cricut) had them all cut out, we taped toothpicks and lollipop sticks onto the back. We used toothpicks on the ones with thin legs so you wouldn’t see it behind it. The owl got a lollipop stick since he was taller and it gave him support so he didn’t curl into himself.

Then they just were inserted into the cupcakes right before the party. I waited till the last minute to insert them, because I didn’t want the paper to get grease stains like cardstock sometimes does. But apparently that isn’t the case with glitter cardstock, because this photo was taken with some leftover cupcakes 4 days after the party and there were still no grease marks on the cupcake toppers.

Woodland Creatures Cupcake Toppers with glitter cardstock

I just love the contrast of the blue frosting with the glittery gold and brown! It fit perfectly with the rest of our decorations for the baby shower!

Woodland Creatures Baby Shower

And that sign that I used as the centerpiece for our dessert table is another Cricut tutorial that’s coming later this week! I’m telling you, I’m a cutting fool with this machine! I just can’t get over all the detail in the cuts and how user-friendly Design Space is! I’m not the sharpest when it comes to picking up new programs, and this was so intuitive for me!

Cupcake Toppers with Cricut for baby shower

Supplies Needed:

Cricut Explore Air

Design Space

Gold Glitter Cardstock

Lollipop Sticks


Blue Food Coloring

Brown grease proof cupcake liners

Buttercream Recipe (you’ll never get this look with store bought frosting!)





This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



Woodland Animals Cupcake Toppers with Cricut


Thursday 9th of May 2019

First of all these are ADORABLE!! Did you make them a certain size? We are currently working on some for my sons adoption party and this will be our first time making cupcake toppers


Thursday 30th of May 2019

SO sorry that I'm just seeing your question now! I hope I'm not too late to answer! The cupcake toppers are about 2-2.8" wide depending on the shape. When I make cupcake toppers, I pay attention to the width first and then the height just adjusts proportionally. I hope that helps!